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My Dairy

I will post random things here, from my rpcs to thoughts on things and sometimes just rants about my day/life.


Song of my life

Oh Doctor *swoons*


Hello all and welcome to my tiny little corner of Gaia and since you took the interest to come by let me tell you something about myself.
My name is Shane
I'm 23 I am a voice acting/ physics major yes I know it's a weird combo but I do my best work when both halves of my brain are stimulated.
I've been on Gaia on and off since like 06 under different names and have just recently come back after a bit of being absent.
I believe in openness and honesty so I'll always answer questions about myself to people I meet.
I love meeting with and talking to people as much as I can especially when I can have an intellectual conversation with them.
Now some base stats ready go
Role playing (both on Gaia and pen and paper gaming)
Video games (to many to quantify)
Doctor Who (bow ties are cool)
Star treck (kirk n Spock)
Reading book and plays
Talking science or sci-fi with people
Peanuts (allergic)
People who force their opinions as fact
Douce bags in general

I only have two rules when it comes to chatting with me
Rule 1: be interesting
Rule 2: dont be to serious please unless the conversation flows that way, remember were all here for fun.

So if you have read all that and still would like to chat drop me a line through pm and let's get a conversation going.