I'm Azaeath, Az or Azzy for short, and I like to consider myself a multimedia artist.
I have worked with traditional mediums to include:

  • Charcoal
  • Graphite (pencil)
  • Gouache
  • Cut Paper
  • Stoneware (clay/ceramics)

I like to create things and occasionally draw something random in Photoshop, though I have taken a liking to bookbinding and web designing. This profile itself is just a small version of the larger projects that I tend to take on (just for the fun of it most days).
(I have found this website to be quite limiting, although very interesting because of the other designers that tackle the challenge of making profiles here.)

I am a guy, and I often get asked why I choose female characters in games or as avatars. I used to play and draw guy characters in the past, but over time, I found that, because I felt fashion and expected style for guys was really limiting creatively, I really enjoyed putting together costumes and designs for female characters because of the creative freedom it presented, so when I put my body of work out for the world to see, if and when you come across it, you will see primarily images of female characters. I don't consider them all good finished pieces, but I do consider a lot of them good practice if they're not complete (I have a lot of incomplete work).

I found out about Gaia about 10 years ago (13 yrs old at the time), and I've been here on and off ever since. I was really active before and around the time zOMG! was released, but if you see me on nowadays, I'm not so much in the games on here as I am in the forums. When I am on here, I'm usually doing profile edits to find out what I can do with them as opposed to what I want to do with them.

I'm currently putting together my portfolio, partly because I need to do so for a class, but also because I want to get my website going as soon as I'm able, so I can offer up my artistic services as a professional before I graduate college this upcoming May (2020).

The most I actually update on here is actually the journal (blog) portion of the site. It's mostly about my graphic/web design journey as a fledgling in the field, but I also write about whatever it is I'm currently doing outside of Gaia, as well.