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Well my name is Mia and i love to play video games,comic books,go on the computer and lots of stuff but i love playing video games and comic books the most.
My favorite Video game is Fianl Fantasy cause it's even on a movie for ''Advent Children'' and it's super cool!!And another is Omiusha!! i love that game like super much it was my number 1# fighting game!! comparing to Devil May Cry.Well my favorite character there was Jubie cause she's a girl and she is like closest to my age and stuff.And even i am the best wit her!! [[ plays video game....KILLS 100 MONSTERS!! XD ]] YEA I WON!! 0_0

My favorite comic book is fruits basket and i always get the ultimate edition cause it saves money for me but even thought it's kinda expensive but anywazz... my favorite ultimate edition is ultimate edition 3# it's the best cause it talks more about kyo being the one that saved Tohru cool huh ?! ^^
Another favorite comic is kingdom hearts. don't get me wrong but i didn't read every comic book [[yet ]] it's just that i rather choose fruits basket ultimate edition!! it's just mostly cuzz i have this little crush on SORA lolz O_O i know it's strange.....

I wanna go back to video games...
well like i like devil may cry and i love to play Dante because he is all about action and thats wat i like about video games thats the best part of video games!! killing monsters wit different weapons and different ways!! thats even kool too!! and meeting new people and meeting people that you wanna kill!!
i just hate it when you have to unlock stuff i just wanna KILL! thats the best part you know!!
Another game i like to play is Guitar hero i don't know why but i think i am the top player on it mostly cause i play it every time i see it i would begg for it all the time you can't stop me from playing guitar hero it's kinda crazzyy for me!! O_O lozl i like this itoo [: it' so fun!!

But another video games i like they are anime cause u can do story mode and it's really really cool!!
and there are times when a character leaves i'm thinks [[plz just leave the items i equipped wit you!! ]] but they never leave it!! that sucks.. i know wat you are thinking [[ why is she talking about video games so muchh this girl is crazyy!! ]] well i don't care wat you think!!
Hey you pikachu was the first video i played i playedi t when i was 3 years old and it came wit a mic that was the best part cause yu got to talk to pikachu it was really really cute!! i just loved it when it sai ''pika chuu!! '' that was really cute kawaii!! >o<

Anime here anime there anime everywhere!!
i love anime but my mom hates it when i get obsssed now it time to talk about my favorite anime!!

well my 1. top anime is death note!!
i don't know but i just love it like you always need to think in it!!
it keeps you thinking all the time!! thats what i love about it
and Sky is so dreamy!! i love him cause he just is full of adventure taht why!! well i will finsh this later
[[under constuction]]


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All About Ami Mizuno

Well I am not good at this so i will write in english. Well my name is Ami Mizuno. i live in japan,tokyo. what i like to do is go on the computer to hang out with my friends of gaiaonline.com and other cool wesites i am a full fledge japanese but


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plz talk to me

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hi mizuno i miss talking to u sad me and muy break up

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hi my long time friend how r u

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hi mizuon

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i understand mia i didn't mean to break ur heart i'm really sry with all my heart sad sad sad cry and if u was wounding wat i looked like there s a pic of me

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may i add ur new one plz

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hi mizuno hows was ur labor day
Akisada Akirou

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Akisada Akirou

alright I'll add you.
Akisada Akirou

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Akisada Akirou

Yeah cause I don't want the same thing to happen to you again like last time. Plus katanas are more expensive then G-Blades. But what kind of avatar are you making do you have a tektek made for an example?? Also add me to your new account.