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Hey there! The name's Stevie and I live life by my own rules. Which roughly translates to doing anything and everything illegal I can. I hate when kids my age brag about getting drunk and high. It's not cool. It's annoying and immature. I can honestly say I don't do drugs, but I can't honestly say I've never had alcohol. Because I'm not a liar. I support gay marriage; love knows no gender. I may like a good murder joke every now and again, but in reality I dream of world peace. I think abortion is wrong and humans are stupid. Well, at least humans now are. The Native Americans knew what they were doing though: never wasting an animal they killed, being at one with the planet on which they lived, and not relying on psychosocial advances to be happy or consider themselves intelligent. Ahhh I miss those days. I'm a maggot for life, literally. I've been listening to Slipknot since I was crawling. I'm fourteen years old and I love music, photography, writing, reading and other things. Love me or hate me. Either way you're not going to make or break me. But I have a life, so bye! =)
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"On those twilit shores, no bird sang. No wind blew. No voice spoke."
-Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie.

Thought of the Week:
No one ever said life was easy. Well maybe someone did once. Someone stupid.

Quote of the Week:
"Dead people can't write letters. It's illegal."
-- Silent Hill 2 Parody on Newgrounds.


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Killer Jellyfish are Attacking!!!

Let's see... welcome to my journal... it's where I... write... things?


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lonely_fairy2 Report | 04/20/2011 5:02 pm
nice proflie! heart
Vantineutrasictical Report | 11/24/2008 5:54 pm
how often do you get on? Oh right, mother of yours a b... ad person. Uh... RAWR! Hi.
Vantineutrasictical Report | 11/18/2008 5:31 pm
Hey. You read my PM yet? No maybe? You posteed anything in the guild yet? =) Hi! Rawr!
DemonShorty666 Report | 11/07/2008 12:41 pm
Be A Cop

Kicking People

Sniper Business

I'm Totally Gay For America
DemonShorty666 Report | 11/04/2008 6:53 pm
Lol, you d**k shiner.
Vantineutrasictical Report | 11/04/2008 5:34 pm
Hi Steph. Finally you added me... but hen again you made it a week ago. =) You should write you're a singer of a band that's not started yyet. At least on your about me. You should put it in your journal. But then again , be unique. I just want the most intresting. You forgot something, you're my crazy girlfriend and i'm you're crazy bf...!
DemonShorty666 Report | 11/04/2008 2:16 pm
You're really the only one that thinks I look like an 8th grader, and I'm guessing you're just jealous that I don't like you so you're trying to put me down. For shame, wench.
DemonShorty666 Report | 11/04/2008 1:31 pm
As I figured, an inadequate response from a developmentally-challenged little girl.

My words have just b***h slapped you. You have lost the mind battle. Please go Fail somewhere else.

DemonShorty666 Report | 11/04/2008 1:16 pm
DemonShorty666 Report | 11/04/2008 1:00 pm
And you have the mentality of your younger sister, Charlie.


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you are
until being strong is the
choice you


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