My name is Audrey.
I'm 13.
I love pandas and giraffes.
I hate cats.
I am tall. I am taller than my older sister Valerie (xX_Vally_Girl_Xx). I am almost as tall as my oldest sister Abby (The_Girl_Without_A_Fairy).
I'm a red head. Natural. I take offence when people call me a ginger. My hair is curly. I have freckles and glasses. blaugh
I am a Libra. My b-day is October 7th.
My sisters are akward dramallama .
My favorite thing to do is sleep emotion_zzz .My favorite show is Switched At Birth. I love Niki Minaj. My favorite number is two. My favorite color is green, but not poopy green, just green. My favorite word is awesome. My favorite food is black olives.
If you have any questions, just PM me.