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Notice: 3.15.10 Was The Best Day Of My Life. hello dollfaces, I'm Cassie. I blow out my candles on July 10th. im currently living in your pants(: im as real as they come. sweet and caring is my specialty. i have many good intentions. i prefer pizza over puppies, haha.

My friends are an important part in my life. i really cherish them more than anything. when i come crying to them, they're always there for me with open arms. they support no matter what i decide to do. they know who they are and they love me for who i am.<3

life is beautiful. and you know what? i love my life right now; its great. my family is the best, my frends are hilarious and im just being me. and being me is increidible! i mean, srsly.
my name is Cassie and i aprove this message(:

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