My name is Becca, formally known as Rebecca, and I'm Nineteen smile

I was born in England but I'm actually Eastern European and Irish. Much of the way I see and understand the world is non-verbal, I daydream and imagine more through my emotions than my instinct ever could...
Yes I am a red-head or 'ginger' as it were and love every minute of it ^-^
If you don't like me for that then gtfo my profile, thanks.

I moved to America in persuit of escaping the troubles faced if I don't get a decent job. It's hard, but I'm grateful for my friends who support me throughout my journey.

Relationship wise I'm here to make friends, nothing more..

There's a certain someone in my life who I just can't seem to give up..
I never agree on cheating on a partner. Yet somehow I'm trying to learn to forgive.. somehow.. despite the suffering.. Yeah I know I must be crazy :'l
Jag älskar dig så mycket. Du är mitt allt... Jag är döendes utan dig.

I must confess... I find it hard to find true friendship. Very rarely have I ever met acquaintances that are honestly loving, thoughtful, generous and what I would class as a 'friend'. I like to see any friends I would find to have similar qualities to myself. In fact, I have met as many as I can count on one hand - no joke.

Sure I like food, what more can I say. You could say my palate is peculiar, but I don't mind because I enjoy what I eat and if I didn't eat well I'd be anorexic or dead. Skinny people terrify me silly >_><_<

Music IS well and truly my life, it's guided me through sooo much. Without it.. I think I'd be a wasteaway ;[ <'3

Life can be tough..
I like to think I am a magical healer from a strange mystical place somewhere (:3). People go through tough times unexpectedly - that's life >_<. If you ever have any problems you can always count on me to help you through it if you would wish to share <3

Apart from that, I don't know what else to say. Yes I am a random person, if you still want to know me more then feel free to add me or leave a random comment... If not I wish you all the best on your life journey.

Enjoy your day

Signed Sincerely,

Me x