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Hii! I'm Autumn! Now Some Piccys! These 2 Ppl Rock My Socks!!!!!!
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B:loves people
C:good kisser
D:makes people laugh
E:has gorgeous eyes
F:people wild and crazy adore you
G:very outgoing
H:easy to fall in love with
I:loves to laugh and smile
J:is really sweet
K:really silly
L:smile to die for
M:makes dating fun
N:can kick the s**t out of you
O:has one of the best personalities ever
P:popular with all people
Q:a hypocrite
R:a good boyfriend or girlfriend
T:very good kisser
U:is very sexual
V:not judgemental
W:very board minded
X:never lets people tell you what to do
Y:loved by everyone
Z:can be funny and dumb at times

A - Hot
U - Is Very Sexual
T - Very Good Kisser
U - Is Very Sexual
M - Makes Dating Fun
N - Can Kick The S**t Out Of You!

M - Makes Dating Fun
I - Loves To Laugh And Smile
C - Good Kisser
H - Easy To Fall In Love With
E - Has Gorgeous Eyes
L - Smile To Die For
L - Smile To Die For
E- Has Gorgeous Eyes

A -Hot
D - Makes People Laugh
A - Hot
M - Makes Dating Fun
S - Cute


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I LOVE Twilight

This Is One Of Mii Besties In Real Life!I <3 Her 2 Pieces! Mess With Her And I'll Beat U Down!