If magic is the ability to warp reality, then won’t you distort my world?

Alter the fabric of time and make it cease to move. So that you and I can stand still for all eternity.

As more than strangers, of Kindred Spirits and eternal lovers.
A Fling may be short-lived
but it is not without significance.

For it was within those ephemeral
moments that we felt passion,

What it means to be alive,
to live again in the hearts of another.

Without regret, let us
remember the love we once shared.

Let us not chase what has passed
but set it free,

In all of its glory; untainted,
beautiful, fleeting.

If it works, I had no part in it.

So I'm in my 20's.
Floridian in Texas - Gemini - ISTP

Essentially I am flirt but I probably have no interest in you or your pixels. A bit of a perv, but aren't we all. The definition of socially awkward. Kinda blunt sometimes, and honest when it comes to my thoughts and opinion.

I'm always in the mood for friends, so talk to me. I don't bite. I'm a bit shy at first but I'm really talkative, so try and get to know me. You'll learn my insecurities but they make me who I am today.

Green eyes are my weakness....
I'm a Fan of Dark Souls (Praise the Sun!)
Tower of God - .Hack// - and God Eater - Tales of Series
I absolutely adore cinnamon and cookies

Favorite Color: Orange
Instrument: Cello
Animal: Sheep

Song: "Behave" - Daniel Feels

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Gender: Male

Birthday: 05/27

PSN: CrossFang

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