I am nearly nineteen years old, Canadian, unemployed (not for lack of trying), and tackling an education in the sprint that is university.
Oh, the leisure.

I can be overwhelmingly girly, but I will try to stay away from pink font! It's the least I can do.

I obsess extensively over music, and if you do too, send a note my way. I would love to chat :3

I value kindness, probably over most things. People are delicate, and I don't like to see them hurt, especially by my hand.

I say sorry a lot, for everything!
Maybe too much x3
But I will never, ever apologize for what I cannot help about who I am. For instance:

I like girls. I am gay. If that is discomforting, I am sorry - but for you, not me.

I have battled post-traumatic depression and bulimia. I still struggle with anorexia.
And I feel enough guilt, on my own, that I know I have to disqualify blame.

What does this mean?
I've learned that I can hurt myself enough; I cannot and will not let others hurt me as well.
As for the former, well, if you feel it, hopefully you won't always. I do think homophobia, in the way of racism,
will eventually cease. We will simply teach our children so.

But all seriousness aside! I hope we can get along
I do love meeting new people. If you stop by, and I haven't scared you away, go ahead and leave me a note. I'm friendly ! ღ

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