Some Info

Heya everyone.
Lets get straight to the point, alright?
I've been a gaian since 04, and I do miss how it was when it was go-gaia, even though this isn't my account from back then.
In fact, I lost that account info sweatdrop
I don't mind random pms, so send one if you like.
But I won't take random friend requests.
I'm 19 and have an obsession with anime, whether watching it or drawing it.
If I like the way your avi looks, I will most likely do a freebie without your knowing and send it. [[Don't ask, I just get random urges to draw]]
Music? Aw, I like all types of rock, even in foreign languages. Reggae, and basically everything BUT rap...
Thai, Jrock, certain K-pop, and so on.

I'm asian and pacific islander for the most part.
Well yea, that's it for now.

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Yes, that's me. The most recent pic.