>.< Stalkers

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I only add people I know ^^
but feel free to talk to me first
i might reconsider.^__^
I have a really big computer addiction 0_o
so I'm on most of the time.
ask me anything, about Tek Tek Conests
or any problem you might have biggrin

Oculouse Mythica, Nightmare Scarf, Ancient Katana, Demonic Pitchfork.

Likes and Dislikes.

I like odd Techno music xD
I like Gaia ^_^
I love panda express =P
I love hot topic biggrin
I hate hackers D<
I hate "fake" people, posers
Example: You meat someone
for the first time, and
they tell all these "facts"
about themseves. you really
get to know each other and
get really close. then when
it's time to depart the chat
with him on the web and out
of no where they backstabb
and leave you to rot in despair.

Hey you. ^_^

want to be my friend?PM me ^0^


XrezbubbleX - hacking
Note: watch out for this one
she's tricky.

chika chika yeah, chika yeah chika chika

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