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Well My real name is Ashton, lol. If you want to know anything about me, please check out my personality:

Please the more about me the better wink

Likes :

I like to write= I am currently writing a book around 200 pages that I am hoping to finish soon and publish. It is my passion to write not the fame to publish =)

I like to draw= Like my journal entry I am currently creating a anime with some software I have in mind that I will buy with my book money. (Check out my diary entry for more)

I like to dance= I am very passionate, and very silly, I am easy to get along with once you know me, you can see that I often will act silly just out of my character I never grew out of.

I like (love) life= Unlike most people every time I wake up in the morning, I am greeted by a wonderful gorgeous sunset. The sunrise casting strips of yellow, orange and red streaks of light across the sky. As it glows and glitters like an artwork. I love the way the sunlight glitters across oceans, streams and lakes. I love how the grass sways in the breeze in an open field. The soft breeze which smells of freedom. The huge valleys and hills, the mountains in the distance, the sunlight sparkling through the trees. The moonlight at night as it glints across the black waters.... <3
(I have always taken an admiration towards life. Ever since I was little, for a while I had thought about running away, but it allowed me to look at the gorgeous outlook on my future if I had changed back then.) Every time I get up in the morning I admire the life I am living. I adore myself for who I am, I know that nobody will shatter the huge wall I had built that will reach me to my future.)

I love the world= I dream of exploring many different places. I love the idea of stepping outside of my own home and experiencing many different things. I love and dream of exploring many open fields. Just the thought of stepping in huge pastures with thousands of acres and standing under the bright huge sun. It sends chills down me. I love exploring caves, digging for diamonds. Thinking about what used to be on this earth before we were around. And the mysterious behind many secrets that have been left undiscovered and unanswered. The thought of many things you can encounter, many stories and secrets to tell, the thought of being scared of something in the darkness at night not knowing what it is and if it defies it came to excites me to learn more! I love learning about the past!

I love myself= I love who I am. I love my figure and I am blessed with my good condition, the clothes, food, water, friends, love, shelter and family who have made me stronger....along with a wonderful lover <3

I love my friends= I mostly keep a dark past behind me, but the friends I have met online have been true friends. I have trouble making real friends up close because I have kept my true self hidden for so long because of jokes, negative remarks and judgment of who I am. But the more I spend time online and meet many different people with many different traditions, I am able to explain to them who I truly and know that they can count on me for anything.

Personality= I am mature. Always have been, some might ask even when I was small. Yes. I thought it was stupid back then to get in trouble. Although around school it may be difficult to be around friends who are at the same level as me, it gives me a different perspective to look at the world for. I am a mature girl who goes around in this world in search of thrills and exciting adventures. I have met ex-friends who tore me apart for who I am and made me judge myself, but as I knew that the world revolved around the future than the past, I moved on. I have found many family friends, not caring if they are on the internet, I know they are real people. I know all of you are real people, with feelings, and a story to tell just as I do. And it may be things in common that can pull us as friends, but it is the fact that when we listen to each other's stories, and when I stick by your side through every tough and bleak situation, I know more about you. I care about you. I love you as a person. I never judge. I take you in my arms and I support you through every decision, I help you answer the things you question. I provide companionship if there are those who talk about committing suicide. Because I have had friends in the past who have been down that road, and in my presence, in existing in this world...I gave them everything they could....they I am telling you from my own experience, through my effort as a friend....they are better and are living on to their full extent.

I am saying this because many people judge and many people stick on you and suck everything you once admired leaving you useless. Trust me, I have been through it. I turned my head from them and walked on. And now it is my job out of my past, to heal my wounds by seeing smiles on other's faces. And helping those who I feel, suffer as much as I did. And I know what it feels like so I will never leave your side until we stand at a victory at our long fought battle. No matter how far apart we are, countries, streets, there is always something (the internet, things in common) that pull us closer as friends. And I know that this website pulled many people into its wonderful ideas, and I am telling you that through my judgment of it, you are all human, you all have feelings, you all have stories. No matter what your situation is, whether it is choosing between friends, having a conflict with a family member, having a mental, physical, or sexual issue you need to talk about. I am here. I have helped many people with many problems. And I put in quote of a friend who had a sexual issue, "Thank you, you turned my life around, now I can go on living the life I want to live."

I can help you. And you can change. We both can make a difference. I may seem like just a person who is shy, but once you fall into my arms....I will never let you go...

Dislikes: Well, immaturity. And GET THIS: SEXUAL ORIENTATION. We are all people who are designed to live many lives. Our own lives. All of us are different. Look around, we do not wear the same clothes, like the same things (I'm talking the millions of people in this world) or drive the same cars, wear the hair the same. We are all different. What makes us the same is that we are human. And we have feelings. Good and bad.

Look I will admit that I am a girl, I had a relationship with a girl and I am in love with a guy. But listen, people love who they love. Don't judge others about who they love because the emotion of love comes differently between people. It is not the same in all of us. It doesn't matter to me if it is a guy who loves me or a girl, it is not the appearance of love it is the action, the emotion. The things that make us compare and trust our life into someone's hands. So don't go around and judge guys together or girls, because what you say doesn't affect them. I support Gay Marriage. People have a right to happiness, and they have the right to love just as we do. They are people who eat and drink and breathe just like we do. I don't see any tails or four legs on them, no, they are not monsters. They are people just like us. And for the people who just them for their orientation, stop. Because they don't listen to you. If it makes you uncomfortable, fine, its on you. But you look around at everybody you pass and tell me that you see just clones of yourself. Because you don't. No matter how you can prove it. Your life revolves around your choices, who you love, who comes into your life. Let people live their lives the way they admire it. And you live yours.

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