Жизнь всего лишь сон. без вы, там не жизнь вовсе.


I am a non-social, sarcastic, witty, modest, decorous and an honestly blunt individual.
I believe in civility and character.

I would prefer to draw or read a book/learn new skills, rather than go out and socialize.
I am in no way a day time activities person.
I am extremely opinionated and fair minded.

I sometimes find keeping friends to be overly exhausting, but I try my best.
I often question how people can maintain friendships with such ease and effortlessness.
I generally dislike humanity as a whole, but appreciate certain individuals that I choose to have in my life.
Probably safe to say I am as introverted as one can possibly be.
I'm pretty charismatic, charming and intelligent.
Commonsense, politeness, and the ability to hold a decent conversation goes a long way in my eyes.