thIs beezY;

DO's and DON'Ts:

DO: (:
[x] talk to me
[x] add me
[x] donate (anything is fine)
[x] shop at my store
[x] race me smile
[x] tell me about YOURSELF
[x] PM me
[x] comment me

DON'T: /:
[x] stock me O_o
[x] suddenly ask me out (talk to me first)
[x] jock me O_O
[x] cuss me out over the internet. (its dumb)
[x] lie to me about your age (or anything)
[x] make fun of my avitarr
[x] hate on me

SO my namE is ariANnaJEan. I LovE To skATe. think i caNt? well Then ******** you. i am a tEnnaGer> yOu gUess mY aGe> smile I hAte liaRs> dONt lie to mE. I LaUgh UNCONTROLABLY> NO joKE. razz Im vEry eAsy goiNG. I Can bE yOur besT frieND Or you worsT nightmaRe. You choOsE. I HaTe rUde people> I Am rUde mYsElF BuT I Hate UncOnTrOlably RUde peopLE. I hAve ThreE beSt frienDS. TheIr naMeS arE maKaylA;Kylee;anD JUlIAnNA<33 IlovE tHeM wIth alL Of mY HEaRt. <33 smile I LovE mY fAmily To DeAth> iF AnYthiNg would eVer HappeN To thEM i wouLd dIe. :/ I HaVe A mYSpACe. doNt aSk mE IF I DO OR DoNt HaVe oNe. EMAiL- Add Me biTchEZz! smile welL. tAlK to Me cuZ I LovE to Talk> gEt To KnOw ME. smile LAtE Niggazz.