Me, Myself, and I.

"With no hope left in sight,
I reach to you.
My emotions trampled,
But filled with hope,
I reach to you."

------^-----------------^-------------<@ @>--------------^--------------^-----

okay so instead of putting a whole paragraph on here i'll just do what everybody else does... ^^

real name: breanna (i hate tha name so call me alex unless ur my family, then call me bre or watever u want)
hobbies: drawing, writing (as you can tell from the poem above), not paying any attention, being lazy, getting my daily fill of gaia, painting, art, cooking, pestering others, talking, going places, shopping, uh... stuff.
not hobbies: talking on the phone, being poked too many times, talking to people i dont know, waking up before 12:00 pm, going to bed before 3:00 am, taking critisism from others, being made fun of (although im used to it), doing math before... never, uh stuff.
fav shoes: converse (duh), occasional flip-flops, DC's... ETC.
fav band(s): FOB, BFMV, BTF, H.I.M, MAXIMUM THE HORMONE, (trust me there are tons more, i just cant think of them rite now), ETC.
fav food: RAMEN!!! (duh!), ice cream, pizza, popcorn and nacho cheese, cake, ETC.
my besties on here: dante chambers and benna rox.

*check out my art in the arena's and if you wanna know more... PM me. uh... OH... and i always accept friend request... plus, i'm single!!! ^_^

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