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hey!!!! im rachel, im 14, im in 9th grade,i LOVE soccer, and horses, and drawing, and the Steelers, Manchester United, ummmm...think think think, my favorite color is blue, and im really blonde (in and on my head), and i live in Maryland. whoop whoop!yay for crabcakes...ive had one bf in my entire life (not counting the one i had when i was 3! i haves curly hair, im not fat but not skinny. i think my hands are too big for the rest of me. maybe thats why my handwriting is absolutley tragic...
my favorite horse breeds are....ardenne, paso fino, barb, clydsdale, andalusian, fresian, and rhineland heavy. (and half of anyone who looks at that wont give a crap, but for those of u who are in the least bit interested, there u go!) im not emo or goth or any of that, just...hmm...ur average 14 year old? not sure. i love random pms and comments and stuff. mmmk i think thats it... for now.
OH!! i LOVE cars. love love love love classic and supercars. the cars of today just dont have as much charachter as the really old ones. except maybe Zimmers, but they kinda icky. older Porche's, Maserati's, GTO's, Bel-Aire's,roadsters, Austins, Fiat (Jollys are adorable), Woodys, older fords (like the chubby trucks), De Sotos, Camaro, Chevelle, Firebird, MGA's, and Austin Powers's Shaguar. ok NOW thats it...

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flirtygirl967 Report | 07/01/2009 9:20 am
yeah...i act like a two year old but all the time people are like "you seem sooo much older than you are"
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/29/2009 7:47 pm
lol! most of my friends are 14 or 15 and we all act like two year olds sometimes
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/28/2009 7:41 pm
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/28/2009 8:03 am
i'll take that as a complement....thank you
and how old did you think i was?
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/26/2009 8:21 pm
wait, do you want to know my age or if i'm easily confused? oh well, i'll give you both
my age is 13 and as you can probably tell yes i am easily confused
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/26/2009 5:34 am
that sucks....
how old are you again?
sorry,i'm bad with age
suzyQ-6 Report | 06/24/2009 5:26 pm
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/24/2009 11:40 am
sounds like a good summer!
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/23/2009 7:12 am
lol! so hows your summer been?
flirtygirl967 Report | 06/21/2009 5:10 pm
dont sweat it!
theres a picture that went around my school of me when i had bangs...
trust me
not pretty



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I've always wanted to play paintball!!!!

Apollo!! Whosa gooboy!!

how do u even add a playlist? help!

my brother did once, and he got shot in the head and had green paint in his hair for 2 days. funny!!


help help help!!!!

what the heck!! i meant january 30!


help meh!

hahaha!!! when i went to see who else liked nitro circus, they were all guys...

u guys should look up "happy star just saved my life" its so funny!

my puppeh


ur butt's shaped like a ham! -carly

All ham's good ham! -carly

Who cares! I need the eggs for my omlette -Hitlers answer to why the chicken crossed the road

Remember, where ever you go, there you are. -My mom jokingly quoting some movie or something

A horse is a horse of course of course unless of course the name of the horse is Mr. Eeeeedddddddd -Theme song to Mr.Ed (for those of u who arent familiar with Mr.Ed, look it up.)

Show jumping is like dressage with speed bumps -found on internet

The hardest part about riding is the ground -also found on internet

wimpy wimpy wimpy HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY!!!! -that totally funny hefty commercial

your pink frosted donuts dont stand a chance againts my new favorite food, churros!!!! -from Smosh food battle 2008

teleporting teleporting teleporting fat guy!!! -teleporting fat guy

dude happy star just saved my life!! -rob dyrdek from rob drydeks fantasy factory

you'd make one heck of a pie, tubby!! -old lady to Fruit of the Loom apple

oyufat -my new word me and my friends made up playing scrabble

it'll pop off the runway like a champagne cork filled with the rights of spring! -my mom and dads random friend on JSF.

its a bit like gilding the lilly, isnt it? mom and dads random friend again

im afraid we've made a dogs breakfast of this. -mom & dads random friend x3

we'll treat the schedule with a pinch of salt. - mom & dads random friend x4

How many of you are attracted to me? -king julian

nachtmare. a nightmare so bad its in german. -from Rachel Getting Married (no not me!)

Adam needs a cookie. -Jamie

No no! I'm just a busty old woman!! -spencer

Nub. -carly

i choose to reject your reality and substitute my own. -Adam

This is me being serious! -office-full-of-balloons guy on internet

Crabcakes, football, and lawnmowers! thats what Maryland does!! -travis pastrana from nitro circus

im not quite sure what i want for Christmas this year. perhaps you could send me your catalogue? -linus (PEANUTS)

crapjack. -my friend brandy who swears she said flapjack ( but i know she didnt. she said crapjack.)

my and my brothers friend's cardbaord boat. i painted the manta ray. yay for devil rays!! we won every race by da way.

my aunts pug ( i do believe he was inbred...), me (with straight hair!!! it looks much better straight.)and my little bro.

the fun gods have just paid you an allowance. -Carnival ad in the mail today.



Don't give me attitude Mr.Condle!!!! -kid named sheldon howe to my teacher, mr.condle. i cant beleive sheldon pulled that off....must be Mr. C's bad ears.

Preheat oven to 4000 degrees fareinhiet. -bonless chicken wings heating instructions