Hola! Well, I guess since you're here, you want to know about me! My name Calliope (kuh-LY-oh-pee), like the Greek muse, and I think it's pretty cool even though it's weird! Now, instead of writing a whole paragraph about myself, I'm just going to post this quick little summary thing! biggrin

I should also add in something here that I didn't mentioin in the summary thing! I'm the bassist and pianist in the all girl rock band, Blind Notice, consisting of me and my two best friends! biggrin Just thought I should mention that... But there's no need to look us up; we were only recently formed, and all we have is a Face book page... :O


Nicknames: Calli (kuh-LY) or (kah-lee)


Heroes: Chad Howat, Chris Wolstenholme, Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard, Adam Young, Jason Mraz

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Piano

Favorite Music: MUSE, Owl City, Jason Mraz, Meese, MuteMath, Billy Boy On Poison, The Whigs, Crash Kings, Phoenix, Paper Route, Linkin Park, Lights

Hobbies: Playing Music, Listening to Music, Playing Soccer, Writing, Reading, Photography

Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesan

Favorite Animal: Fossa!

Pets: Autumn & Penny (Dogs) Oscar & Tangles (Cats)

Loves: Dom Howard

Strongly Dislikes: Cockroaches, Shrimp, Haters

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Books: Lord of the Flies, The Catcher in the Rye, 1984, Out Of This World: The Story of Muse, White Fang, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass

Favorite Fictional Characters: Simon and Jack (Lord if the Flies), Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye), Weedon Scott (White Fang)

Favorite TV Shows: Supernatural, V, Chuck

Favorite Letter: F (I know it's random, but I like the letter!)

Favorite Greek Muse: Calliope (Muse of Epic Poetry)

Occupation: Student, (and you could say) Musician