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INCEST PRINCESS Report | 08/29/2011 9:25 pm
aw yay i wanna see it when it's done
INCEST PRINCESS Report | 08/29/2011 9:15 pm
good, you?
urieny Report | 06/24/2011 10:20 pm
Yuki no Ryu Report | 06/23/2011 11:53 pm
cuz i didnt that was possible on paint, haha
CG art is so cool because its like surrealist but i dont have the skills to tweak picture like that
did you learn by exirementing or did someone teach you?
dustibunni Report | 06/23/2011 2:54 pm
gold... o.0
Thanks.... =)
Emerellsa Report | 06/23/2011 2:32 am
Thanks for donating. smile
Heather is fly Report | 06/23/2011 1:57 am
That's fine lol but how can my face old up a sign? lmao i could hold up the sign next to my face.
Heather is fly Report | 06/23/2011 1:44 am
Hey Thanks for the donation !

What do you want it to say?
Yuki no Ryu Report | 06/21/2011 10:58 pm
your art pieces are really cool
do you use photoshop or some other program?
Yuki no Ryu Report | 06/20/2011 3:02 pm
Thank you for buying biggrin

To dissappear where would i go?
To lose sight of whom i am, where's the cure?
The sadness of the sadness of others plus my own had been growing building a hole in my heart;
So what do i do?