Hello, I'm Ani. =3

I'm an 03. Yes'm, I've been here since the beginning of time itself, 5 years ago.
Remember when they used to list all online users at the bottom? Yes, I was one of 'em. =]
I like using smileys but not chatspeak or leet. Actually, grammatically correct english is preferred.
I made my profile. I took all but two or three of the above pictures, and those were taken by my family. Took me six months to make it, and I'm pretty proud of it. ='3
I love music. I love my friends, and right now, I'm pretty high on life.
I am a full time student and an unpublished author. I have asthma, and I'm a cat person. I like mushrooms, dill pickles, and olives. My mustard beats your ketchup. Pepper and peppermint rule too. My favorite ice cream flavor is called French Silk. I like eating raw cookie dough 'till I'm sick. Dark chocolate is good. I am right-handed. I'm a Capricorn. I can eat with chopsticks left-handed. I'm addicted to Gaia. Iron Man pwns Chuck Norris. Braveheart pwns Chuck Norris. Yoda pwns Chuck Norris too. In fact, My grandma pwns Chuck Norris. She's just that cool. =p
I like my chucks. They are gray. I have glasses. My funny bone on my left elbow doesn't work. I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or drive. I'm a living driving hazard. Get over it, I'm a girl. Yes, that does explain everything. My cat is spiderman. I like to talk, but I'll listen to whatever you wish to say. Really. =/ That's my pet peeve, so you better listen too.
I can be overly confident. I can be a b***h, but I'm a girl. I PMS just as much as the next girl. Get over it. I do know how to apologize. If you're rude about it, then you're just s.o.l. =] My most dominant characteristic is my sarcasm. I'm a Star Wars person. I rock at drums on Rock Band. Ariel has always been my Disney Princess. I've read Twilight, and I liked it. =] I don't like snow. I can't dance. I'm kind of bossy. I like driving golf carts. I listen to Dragostea Din Tei. I introduced the Caramelldansen song to youtube. I have proof.
The Mayan calender (a.k.a., the end of the world) ends the day before my birthday. They foresaw that I would turn into a vampire and take over the world. Maya rules, and I can write in like five different writing systems including Mesopotamian, and the Japanese Kanas. Cuneiform sucks. T.T You have fun learning that one. I didn't bother either. I am called Keisa, short for keisarinna. Keisarinna is Finnish for Empress. Yeah, I'm just that amazing. (not)
I like triangles. My favorite number is pi. =P I'm an english person but an okay math person. Science is out of the question. In my free time, I make avi art for myself. I told you I was addicted. The terra twist hairstyle is hell to draw.
My favorite item irl are my teddy bears. I bet you can't guess their names. Can you guess my kiki's name? I bought it back in '05 for 15k. =] Nope, you guessed wrong. I call my kiki, "15k Kiki". =P No, I'm not lame enough to actually name virtual animals.
Friend Request me? Oop, made you click! =P I don't accept friend requests. Instead, why don't you just comment me? No, I'm pretty sure that will work for you. Unless you just fail. ^^'
I'm a Zeta. =] 104 fails. My playlist fails.
If you really read all of that, you get a cookie. =3

Kudos for you. =]