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ronso comedy

this journal is for my thoughts and jokes on the world.


Ronso's Black Market

Welcome to Ronso's Black Market were you'll find everything you need to complete that assassination job or let that certain target know that its time to say good-bye to this world. Or if they choose the hard way let know were your coming from with a weapon to the face. We have everything any assassin,bounty hunter,ninja or just plain insane killer could want. But know this if you steal or beg i will leave you on your mother's front door in a trash bag and thats no joke. If you think my prices are too high pm me with a reasonable amount(no less than 5000g of the original price)i'm trying to put my kid through Assassin's Academy.So thanks for looking at my shop and reading this notice Bye Bye now.


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The True Ronso

I'm 21 and i like cooking. I think a man should know how to cook. He can't survive on take-out for long.I like Japanese culture. I plan on studing there for a while after my enlistment in the US Army ends so i can better learn their cooking techinques and center my whole style of culinary delights around it.I like to hang with people who use their brains at least 85-95% of the time. My friends are either just like me or just real cool and funny.I really hate maryland cause it boring and where i live the kids know nothing about diversity or thinking for themselves. They only contribute to the stereotype about blacks being idiots and its sad. I like any kind of music as long as the beat and lyrics are good and not to much cussing though. I have a real friendly and funny kinda of attitude. I like anime as long as its funny though or have a lot of fighting/action. I'll go to any movie as long as it isn't "scary" cause i predict what gonna happen cause their all the same.Because i usually see both sides of a coin i'm an outcast where i live.I'm kinda of a loner at times. You know not popular but not a geek/loser either.Oh and 1 more thing it takes a LOT to piss me off so if you ever cross that line i WILL let you know be it a friend or whoever. So anyway thats a little about me hope you respect my page and me and i always love to meet new people so if you want to talk just pm me.

The Way Of Ronso

Death,Destruction and Chaos are the only things i need.
War and Peace.
As the world prays for peace. one question still remains. peace comes at what cost.


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YunA_A1 Report | 06/11/2015 6:27 pm
you are my avi hero
The_lost_hero343 Report | 05/18/2014 4:45 pm
cool avi
DarkAngelKyoko Report | 08/05/2013 11:47 pm
RONSO!!!!! My friend! Your one of the few people I still remember on here lol
Drecknalmoon Report | 12/18/2011 1:02 pm
only allowed to say Middle East xp
D_Shadow 1 Report | 08/05/2011 5:10 pm
Happy Bithday biggrin
Cadet Pixel Report | 07/24/2011 2:04 pm
cool avi
D_Shadow 1 Report | 06/24/2011 9:41 am
cool avi
The Unloved Demon Report | 03/16/2011 4:24 pm
naw its awsome biggrin i want to draw it lol
The Unloved Demon Report | 03/15/2011 1:27 pm
cool avi dude
kiba_akira Report | 03/07/2011 8:52 pm
thanks for the buy

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