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Bleeding heart.

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It's October 19th, 2012 and I just logged in for the first time since 2009.
I'm still on Gaia.

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Q & A:
Q-Where have you been?
A-Other accounts, the 'real world', etc.

Q-OMG can you add me on your new account?
A-Uhm...I rather add people who are already here on my friendlist, sorry.

Q-Are you still going out with your boyfriend?
A-Yes, I am. We've been together since October 2008.

Q-Can you make me a profile, please?
A-I am still learning CSS, but I could make you a simple one for about 15-20k. I am helping Flaming Brownie on his quest.

Q-Do you have msn/AIM/skype?
A-I only have skype.

Q-Can I have your username on skype?
A-Uhm, I think my un there is pretty obvious, but only the people who I want to have on skype, have it. So either you have to be a really good friend of mine laready, or chances are, I will ignore you there. Or be interesting and get to know me.

Q-Can I have your items?
A-No, I still use them.

Q-Why do you still post in the GD then?
A-Well, I like to come and go, just to see what I've missed. Seems like it's the exact same thing since '07. Eh.

Other questions you may have, just ask me in a comment.
I check this account about once a month. Perhaps twice, depends on my mood.



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