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Actually, dont pm me your offers.

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I'm Amber,

I've been on here since about 2007,
so I come and go from time to time.

I usually just fish on here because I enjoy it so much.
Other than that, there's not much that I like to do on here.

I'm married.
I'm currently in college for a degree in education.

I'm aiming to adopt a plant-based lifestyle as much as I possibly can, because nutrition, health, and anti-aging are very important to me.

I like to read, journal and write.
I've been affected by anorexia (which is a loss of appetite, not to be confused with "anorexia nervosa" - which is an eating disorder where individuals restrict food intake to lose weight) for a long time.

People who deviate out of conventionality inspire me because there's more than one way to accomplish things.

For the most part, I think other people are strange.