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Hi,Im Amber.
Im not the best organized, or the best typer, but im a good person. I dont belive in a lot of things, i do think to myself a lot, more than others should. I think mostly the unthinkible, most people dont understand what im thinking.Thats ok, I like feeling smart ^,^.
Anyway, i enjoy anime, like;
death note
fruit basket
I love poems Sir Henry Gelrood IV writes, I have my favorite at the bottom of my profile. He has he best poems. And suprizingly hes not famous.I think he should be and i support him all the way ^,^.

Anyway, i love animals, expecially shih tzus (dogs)
I have two of them. Toby and Ariel
There adorible, most cutest and best u will ever find/see

I have the best freinds in the world
Gaia/real, the are the best a girl can have!
I add almost everyone, but if i dont reconize your name, or i dont talk to you often, more than likley your going to get deleted. ^,^
I have a good life, even with its ups and downs.
I have a better life than most, and even tho yours is crapy, dont give up u will get to happyness, even with a pb&j ^,^ yum.
I love to write storys, thats all im good at, besides caring for animals, and cooking.
If you would like i could share my story. I might write it in my journal later,if you remind me ^,~.

Im poor so please dont ask for money, but feel free to donate ^,^
My dream avatar isnt so much a "dream" just something a lil cheap i put together as a goal on gaia.Most do, the most expensive is the coco plush, following that is a yeti. I dont ask for mush but when i do I SURE DO ASK. ^,^ im determend.

Oh about me ^,^ im asain well 50&#xko;rean 25% irish 25% french
i love to put emotions and faces as you see ^,^ ^o^ ^.^ ^-^ ^_^
I love the flavor watermelon and blue rasberry ^,^
I love all fruits and veggys, and i love meadiem rare steak, i love shashimi (raw fish, and not its ot sushi) im skinny.
and im loveable! ^,^ umm... well.. idk what else to write ^o^
=3 thanks for reading
talk to ya later
^,~ bye

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dottypurrs-sis Report | 01/22/2011 8:18 pm
dottypurrs-sis Report | 10/19/2010 9:53 pm
hello! how are you? mrgreen
dottypurrs-sis Report | 07/19/2010 12:11 pm
happy birthday! =D
dottypurrs-sis Report | 06/20/2010 8:39 am
hi! how are you? =D
dottypurrs-sis Report | 04/11/2010 10:20 pm
hello ^^
ii-CocoMimi-x Report | 12/14/2009 5:51 pm
(srry) Try this out this is really works! send this in

5 people - 500g

10 people - 1k

15 people - 10k

then press ctrl + w!

illuminous_reflection Report | 07/20/2009 8:01 pm
^^ oh ur younger than me ><
illuminous_reflection Report | 07/19/2009 9:14 pm
happy early b'day!!! ^^

how old r u turning??

btw i have a prezzie 4 u, hope u like it!! =3

Renkoluvs Report | 07/10/2009 5:13 am
i do not belive you are pure
-oXo_Amber_oXo- Report | 06/23/2009 12:44 am
ok i got 8 gold im out bye dont forget freinds this is my new char.

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RANDOM anime i whatch/read
fruit basket
death note

2 things I WANT more than anything on gaia

orly hat yeti

korean! AsIaNs RULE!

hi! im amber
im korean
i love anime
and i love shih tzus!!
i accept donatons!

Go to prom!


i can dream!


what really happens

go to prom



Save today's love for tomorrow
And give the past away
Write the rules upon the wall

There and back I've been and gone
Who is left to comfort me?
I'm all alone, no love for me

Can't you hear me, see me, feel me?
Can't I catch your attention at all?
You're ignoring all my cries for help.

This life is empty and you don't know
What I went through to make you feel
Like a million dollars and more

Your happiness was my reason
And now it's all been blown away
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Can't you see me, hear me, feel me?
Can't I make you love me now?
You've hung me out to watch the sun

Can't you see me, hear me, feel me?
Can't It all just go away?
I just want to go home.
Can't you see me, hear me, feel me?
Can't you?
Won't you?

my favorite poem!

Sir Henry Gelrood IV's poems

by: Sir Henry Gelrood IV

<==== is Sir Henry Gelrood IV

Why don't you smile gorgeous?
Won't you just smile for us?
Won't you even look at us?

Vanity, that wonderful sin
Shunning all your kin
For that one great ride

Lust is fine, and greed is mine
Yet you rule the mirror
And it serves your needs

You like what you see
Only it always must be better
Must be made more beautiful

Isn't it ever enough?
To be loved?
To be adored?

Or must you be the queen?
Must you always run the show?
I don't know you anymore

I wish I never did, now
You've ruined all your lives
Got none left now except this empty shell

I hope you like what you've become
Now run and hide from your demons
They'll find you anyway

They will take away your pretty face
Rape your confidence
And ravage all your lofty dreams

Goodbye now, Hello no
Just wave at me
When I walk by

I'll smile and say
What a nice surprise
And turn away to cry

Now leave me be
I'll find a way
I'll survive today

Without my love
Who was taken by Vanity
That awful disease

It consumed you,
And burned you
While ripping me apart

My eyes are sad,
My tears are fresh
And you're not here

You're looking down on me
At least you made it there
I'll see you someday

But for now I think,
I'll wait and watch
And patiently

One day i'll wear a robe
And have a golden crown
Harps will sing

But for now, I think
I'll wait right here
I'll watch the beautiful people

I'll watch them burn and wither
And be dragged down
Some will rise

And some will not
It's all the same
It's all a game

Goodnight my friend
Untill tomorrow's eternity
Das Vidana...

another poem
by the great
Sir Henry Gelrood IV
this acually might be my fav idk ^,^ more to come i hope