Hey everyone and welcome to my Profile! I'm Alucio, it's nice to meet you all. I'm a twenty-year-old male as of just last month, I'm homosexual, and I'm currently in a relationship with an amazing guy who's always there for me.

I have a four siblings, and a few nieces and nephews running around, so I'm not an only child, but growing up felt like one since my blood siblings were a decade older than me and my step-siblings were pampered by my step-dad, so my mom kinda treated me like an only child (in the fact that I got a lot of what I wanted, but she always tried to be equal at the same time).

I'm into video games, though I hardly play FPS games, I'm not a very big fan of them at all. I have a few consoles, I'm mainly a Nintendo and Sony fan, not big on the Microsoft line. I have a Wii, Wii U, DS, 3DS, PS2, PS3, PS Vita, and I'm working on getting a PS4 for the arrival of Watch Dogs and some other interesting games that are soon to come out.

Currently Playing: Conception II for the Vita.

I like the game a lot, but at the same time... the combat freaking sucks. The dungeons and the fights themselves are so incredibly boring I hate actually going into them. Even if it's an Atlus game, it lacks the same feel that the Persona Dungeons had, and honestly, to me, it feels like they tried to make a unique battle system but it's just sloppy. I love the dating sim part though. It's not the best dating sim, there are obviously other better VNs but this one is nice. All but like... one of the girls for me are really interesting. They all follow the standard dating sim tropes, but they have an interesting twist, and they're all really good characters. I'd say look into it, there's a demo out, try it if your curious. I will tell you though, the theme about creating star children and fighting with them though is a bit... odd, to say the least.

I have some common hobbies, drawing, and reading. I love to write, and if you're ever looking for an RP buddy, just look me up, if I'm interested I might join you. I'm kind of a lazy writer though, and I have just recently been lacking ambition or inspiration to write. It upsets me but apparently not enough to actually get motivated.

I'm not very athletic. I'm thin, but that's about it. I lack upper (and lower for the matter) body strength. I'm just lazy when it comes to working out. I've been more into it though, after starting my job at Publix and only having one arm do any physical work.

Romance is my passion, I'm a huge romantic. When it comes to genres of literature or movies, I prefer the Romance genre over most others, though I'll watch almost any type of movie, or read just about any type of novel, if it interests me. One genre I steer clear of is horror. I can't stand it, I'm a baby when it comes to psychological thrillers and bloodlust, and I jump really easily. I'm a huge sucker for murder mysteries... go figure.

I change my avatar a lot, though sometimes I like to keep it the way it is, just for the sake of how it turned out. Though nothing will compare to the overall dream of completing the Pale Marionette set I hold dear <3

There aren't that many TV shows I've been watching or keeping up with since I've moved in with my boyfriend, but we have Hulu Plus so I do watch things on there from time to time. Currently I'm watching Bob's Burgers, Once Upon a Time, and Pokemon Galactic Battles.

I'm running out of things to talk about... so if you're curious about me, just send me a comment or shoot me a PM and I'll answer as much as I will allow.

Finally: Here's me -

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Random me

Random stuff, but I will mostly be using it for my story I will soon be writing.



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Everett Hallows

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Everett Hallows

Wonderful avatar. :)

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Pretty good. Things have calmed down a bit over here.

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Noooo, I just forgot about the comment thing. I do that sometimes.
How've you been anyway?

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Yeah, I disabled my comments and forgot that I did that when I commented on yours. orz

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Boyo, all your backgrounds were ruined by PB.

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My brain didn't process any of that.
I haven't been doing much to get gold lately. I just sell some things I get from the tsunami spin thing. I don't make too many dream avis anymore though so I'm just kinda sitting on the money.

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Yeah, I always have to redesign avis 'cause I have expensive taste but my pocket ain't that deep.

And thank you, that's kinda what I was going for.

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I like your avi. It's so festive!

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ty, yours is too. I like the colors.