ey there, my name is εmily
I like to think of myself as an interesting person. A nice person who's fun to be around. I'm very friendly and bubbly...So bubbly I should try out to do 7-up commercials 4laugh
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My music inspiration has got to be artist's like,
The Hush Sound.
Regina Spektor
Avril Lavigne (yes I still listen to her music)
Jack's Mannequin
Lisa Mitchell
Second hand Serenade
Lights. & many more <3

:❉: Some hobbies of mine are:

:❉: Drawing

:❉:Singing. in the shower

:❉: I play Golf.

:❉: Taking pictures

:❉: I attempted learning the Piano but it didnt quite work out. ;p

That is pretty much the gist about me if you want to be my friend just comment or PM me 4laugh I won't bite =D

And sorry for all you people with roses secretly behind your back but i'm Taken by my wonderful giomio~
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