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Nightmare- Avenged Sevefold


Lady Alice Winifred-Rhosewen Ashdown

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Gender: Female


Why, hello.

It seems as though you hath stumbled upon my page. Well, welcome.

I beseech you; please call me Onyx. Tis not my name, but the alias under which I am most comfortable with. I'm 17 years old, and my birthday is September 21st <3

I shall be honest: I rarely answer people in towns because I either forgot I was in Towns; or I prefer to keep quiet, rather than having others hear my conversations. In either case, please feel free to PM me- I will surely answer in the quickest time frame I can manage.

~ Onyx

Easter Request Story- Penned by Angelic Reprobate

Alice paced the stairs, it was Easter and all the children were outside giggling as they found their chocolate eggs. She envied them, they could leave and she couldn’t. They could laugh in the sun; they could taste the chocolate they found. She would never be able to take part in such festivities. She never had in her human life anyway.

Silently she cursed Edmund Sinclair. It was his fault that she was trapped like this. Curiously she noted one of the children looked remarkably like Edmund. The same hair and eyes, even the same cheekbones. It was instant, the anger that flared in her.

The children were coming back into the house as she rushed to meet them at the door.

She moved through ‘Edmund’, satisfied as he shivered. It wasn’t pleasant to have a ghost pass through you. It wasn’t enough though, but she hoped Edmund where ever he was, a ghost or something else knew that she hated him.

Angelic Reprobate