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The Idiots of Garry's Mod 2

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don't talk to me or add me i hate all of you and i only need to talk to my heart WIFE heart Jessica heart so ******** you. I don't care about any of you so don't talk to me i don't need any of you little shits in my life the only little people i need in my life is my heart wife and kids and i ******** love her and our kid and you better not talk to my wife or try to add her or i will hunt you down and tear your balls off and the best date in the entire world is 1-11-11 and our kids are heart Henrietta and Colette heart and my amazing wife's username is heart Cole_White13 you better not talk to either of us because quite frankly we don't ******** care about any of you and your all little ******** and that goes to all of you that isn't related to me so since your reading this will you kindly GET THE ******** OFF MY PAGE and please do let the door hit you in the a** on the way out dramallama


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Why the ******** are you on my page?

The Unnamed Sin on 09/15/2020

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Im topher

The only person that matters to me so gtfo off my page whore!