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Birthday: 06/06


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About AKB

1. What is ABK?
AKB is a zOMG clan made up only of animals, no humans allowed.

2. What does AKB stand for?
Animals Kick Butt!

3. Why should i join AKB?
It's brand new, so as one of the first members you can be on the Crew, and help council the clan. We need all animals we can get to be apart of this. It is fun having a clan of all animals! Especially when we meet up, and a group of pets is wandering around zOMG. smile

4. What are some things AKB has to offer?
AKB has extremely friendly members, we all can help each other with zOMG, a chat box, we will have contests, and we have a points system!

5. What is the point system for?
Whenever you are very helpful to another member, or do something that helps the clan, you win a set amount of points. These points will be used to buy items from our store. You can save up, or buy something small, whatever you prefer.

6. How can i find the AKB clan?
Go to the link right here smile


Hello! I'm the donation account for the zOMG clan AKB- Animal Kick Butt! Clan members (or if your generous, other gaians) donate to make our guild better. The gold/items donated to this account go towards our guilds contests, point shop, etc. So be sure to donate!

Below are our guild members so far: