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A little more than you need to know about me

So, you came here expecting something. Let us see if I can give you what you wanted.

My name is Heather. I am 24. I am fun and flirty I like having a good time and making people smile. I may seem a little wild but trust me at the end of the day I am right where I should be. I just want to have fun.

What is that? You say you want pictures? I'm SORRY, I stopped showing my pictures when I started getting stalkers. You want one you gotta ask then we will decide. <3

I have two kids. A little 5 year old girl named Alexia. A 2 year old boy name Tyler. They are my life and they make me who I am today.

I AM MARRIED IRL! He is AMAZING (especially in bed XD <3 )!! yes... I went there... and he is MINE!

I am easy enough to get along with. Just don't get on my bad side and we will be all good.

My Likes:
Flowers, Chocolate, world culture, Video games (all kinds), Reading, writing, art, Big trucks, fast cars, Outdoors, most sports, long walks, food culture, music, Star wars!!, DANCING (Yes, I am very good at it. No, you can not see).

My Dislikes:
Rudeness, bad hygiene, snobs, people who beg, people who think they're better than everyone else, and people who disgusting and wrong things... come on... have some morals!

Anything else? well that is too bad because I am tired of typing now.



: ) : ) : ) : )

<3 <3 <3 <3

You'll see this a lot!

I miss the days when being classy was better and more desired than being a whore.
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Zero wants
Lady Jane's Lace... HALP... Please?


You know you want more!

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