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STRFKR Report | 07/09/2011 11:19 pm
it's very stressful, I have
Unit test in math, chapter test in physics, I am a contestant in a linggo ng wika for drawing,
I have reporting on my AP class, I have to submit forms for universities, I have to design a board.
and I am still inlove with the girl that I loved before XDD
STRFKR Report | 07/01/2011 10:53 am
sooooo busy with school xp
STRFKR Report | 06/18/2011 5:16 am
oh cool! what are the songs? ;D
i think so lol there was a bite mark lol but yeah, i think she's over reacting xD
;o i like my eyes to be more smaller XD
yay! xD but I do feel scared around hairy things xD it makes me think of spiders xD
yeah, it's dying already haha xD
and she told me that she never like some one 3nodding yup, it hurts lol
i mean, she can feel it but she told her friend that I don't have to expect anything, it hurts that she only notices me sometimes when she needs help xD
yeah, i asked her to tell "I don't like you or go away" and she didn't want to XD, lol you experienced getting dumped? xD
lol, yes haha xD then we can be like john lennon and yoko ono xD

really? lol I'm a pure filipino xD haha
because I don't know xD i find it hard to pronounce the L with your name xD
lol mymp xDDDD
o0o Kakashi_Hatake o0o Report | 06/17/2011 8:13 am
o0o Kakashi_Hatake o0o
ito po.. nag papahinga sa bed smile nunuod ng english videos po..ikaw nman kumusta ka??
o0o Kakashi_Hatake o0o Report | 06/16/2011 6:14 am
o0o Kakashi_Hatake o0o
hi cookeh~ whee
STRFKR Report | 06/10/2011 7:29 pm
lol, well you can start with NU ABO haha since that their first song xd
oh cool! i've seen that before but I don't make my spider fight lol I feed my spider then it bit my classmate xp xd
no, my eyes are weird like a spider's eyes xD
oh sure i'll come over and touch your hair xD NO IT WILL NOT HARM FOR I HAVE THE HAIRSPRAY! ;o
yes but i think it does not love me when it goes in hard to get mode xDDD
yay, sadly i cannot find a nest in my area xD naah I can feel it base on her actions xD it's proven 3nodding
lol thank you xD I did, I bake her a cupcake and gave her the 2nd button of my uniform because it's the one nearest to the heart lol
I didn't have the courage so I let her friend give it to her but yeah she does not know what that means so boom nothing happens but she knows it all along x__x
because I was pretty obvious with her friend and others x________x
I like peacefulness and peace among men LOOL XD
hmm, would I have it as my religion? well no cause I still have to marry you XD o_O

why do you think that i'm a half something? ;oo
but when i pronounce it, it's like ju-lllllllllllliiiiiisssssssss i cannot pronounce the L in your name xD
i will call you Juris xDD
STRFKR Report | 06/08/2011 6:52 pm
The songs lol and they seperate themselves as a typical girl group xD kinda like 2ne1 xD
and also they have a nice personality! xD
you like spiders? I used to catch them before and make them my pet XDDDDD
yes, i have southeast asian eyes cool
yes! fuzzy wires xD it's so cool! it's like a nest xD i want to touch it xD
YES! well I wrap it with my tshirt then i wrap it with a cloth xD lol my laptop is weird now xD but still, it works xD
O__O WHERE?! lol she told her friend that "don't expect" thingy xD so yeah only friends cool
she talked to me and she will come back - _ - she will only be absent for a week xD and she's my seatmate again xd
well because in the trailer her hair is wet because she took a shower xD
idk, it feels like you meditate yourself in a peaceful state. you think first before you act because with every actions there is karma xD
buddhism does not stand hatred, it forsees unity through meditation. it gives people an open mind through all the things.
cause sometimes some people became close minded already xD

actually it's u but I like the o better xD no, i'm spanish O_O naah i'm full filipino xD
STRFKR Report | 06/06/2011 5:01 am
well yeah but imagine a big hairy fat tarantula! xD i has no asian eyes xD I have filipino eyes XD
eek eek eek oh cool! your hair is like fuzzy wires! how did you make them stand up like that?? xD
cause it needs love to make it warm so yeah xD it worked! XDD
you want to give me a hug? go here xD yes love is really cruel, yup but she does not like me xD
actually I like the girl with the curly hair or wavy hair xD her name aom sucharat lol XD thailand is like philippines but
their religion is like buddhism xD and I like buddhism more cause it's the only religion that does not prosper hate xd

fx is for the girl group f(x), the one i'm addicted to xD and mao is my name eek what's your name? xD
STRFKR Report | 06/04/2011 7:11 am
I am not a cosplayer anymore ;o
i'm....i'm a person! O_O
STRFKR Report | 06/04/2011 6:39 am
Yeah, I am inlooove with them! ;p
O_____________O no lol it looks asian in the picture but believe me irl I look like a tarantula xd
okay c'mon find one! I want to see it before school starts! xD
IT'S ALIVE AGAIN! THANK GOODNESS!! I wrapped it in a cloth then i pressed the shut down button and it works! THANK YOU ALMIGHTY! xd
I ask her but she didn't comment cause I was too late, I became silent, I keep thinking about her till I got a headache XDD then I sulk xD I will forever keep that mickey mouse keychain she gave me emo
oh I see ;p it... it was so cool!! the girl was so preeeeettttyyyyyyy it hurts XDD I wanna go to thailand now xDDD *forever alone*

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