SO, I was thinking, one day, can someone send me a good message telling me how to format my profile page? *coughIced_Chocolatte_CoffeecoughPudding Earlcough* But, anyone who will give me some tips is awesome too! Thanks!

So I am Aethara! I'm a slightly hyper, cheerful, and lazy girl. I like to mess around with my friends. We play basketball, jump on tables, climb trees(that's just me), climb walls(that's just me too), and have fun. I roleplay in writing with my friends, so I joined Gaia to roleplay online and see what I can do. This is also my first time coding, and I hope I'm doing all right.

I am also musical. I play the flute! Alas, my drawing skills are severely limited. But back to the music. I tried out for All-Southern Honor Band and All-State Honor Band. I was accepted to All-State. In February, I will go to a convention with people all over the state! Furthermore, our band is VERY well known and we are going to Disney to play. In April, we go to New York. My friends are all in band and we play high level music. My other friend plays violin and is extremely talented.

I am very pleased to meet you! Friend me! Please provide a description(hopefully true) of yourself! This has been Aethara. 3nodding


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Oh dear, school's here.

Aethara can get on on weekends, but not much on weekdays.

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