about me

yes, hello there. if you clicked on my profile --
well, actually i have no idea why you would since nobody checks profiles nowadays

anyways, i'm coffee, a sleep-deprived, over-worked and half-dead college student fighting an everyday battle against procrastination. i really only use gaia to role-play nowadays, and i am prone to hiatuses when real life gets busy. what can i say. school is hard guys. D:

cagednomore is my bae, has been my bae, and probably will always be my bae. we watch and rant about pro league together, though we follow different regions but that's ok too. come shout about edg and team we with me if you want. or the lpl in general. leave me out of fanwars thank you very much.

when i'm not busy watching a bunch of nerds playing a computer game i'm suffering from enstars because reikoga is beautiful and koga is my best boy. otherwise i'm sitting around wondering when i'll ever get to go to a vixx concert.