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M u s i c

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Hi c:

I'm Cynthia

15, Sophomore !

If you can conversate really good, and keep me interested be my guest

Favorite band: NeverShoutNever <3

I wish i had food right now D:<

my best friends :


yeah, can't ask for anyone better <3333


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Okay, this is Rachel! She is the most random-est person you can meet! I've known her since pre school! She's my best friend forever! i love her with my whole heart, no other person can replace all the memories and everything we have shared in the past years! I consider her my sister I never had <3. She's been here through thick and thin, happy and sad times! I can be myself around her and i know she wont judge me :) ! I love you best friend :3

well, this person right here.. he is the most amazing guy anyone could ever meet there is NO doubt about that. I am so thankful I have him in my life, he has changed it so much. I can never get tired of his sense of humor and his face! He makes me smile like no other boy has ever done. Just like Rachel(Bittersweet) I love him with everything I possibly can. I wouldn't want anything to come between us. It's awesome that I am able to call him my best guy friend. I love you Santiago (':

i am 99.9% sure he doesnt like me . But that 0.1% is what keeps me goingg, <3

christofer drew <3

thinking bout quiting ??

<-- Donate ? (:

No body ever made me feel this way ima stick with you !

both pictures taken by me :] vv

i Smile because i think of you and i blush <3

Single [] Taken [] Crushing [X] Heartbroken []

me c:

You'll never know dear, how much i love you.

Some people ask me, "why do you still like him..he doesn't like you. GET OVER HIM." They obviously haven't fell in love before. If they had been, they would have known the feeling. How you can feel insane and how time passes so slowly when you aren't with them. How the one specific person dominates your thoughts and its like you can almost feel them being there with you. How you can't help but smile when you know they're thinking about you. And when things aren't going so well, it drives you insane, that you cant possibly think straight. How when they're not yours, you miss them so much, and you start to begin this dull emptiness feeling in your chest. Above all that, you'll know how they're literally everything to you, and NOTHING can change that. So yeah, I am in love. With someone that I probably wont get to have a chance with. That one day last year was the happiest day of my life. June 10, 2011. I couldn't stop smiling that whole day... If only, my dream could be a reality. If he reads this.. I just want to say I love you...

recently dyed it pink XD