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abby159 Report | 06/15/2009 10:14 am
Copy this to 10 pro’s an you will get 10,000,000g, it really works
abby159 Report | 06/11/2009 1:36 pm
omg do u still spit soda out of ur nose that was hilarios
Oh Vianey Report | 05/28/2009 5:35 pm
Oh Vianey
Itachi-sama_Mangekyo Report | 10/08/2008 12:10 pm
HEEEYYY!!! HAPPY BIRTH DAY!!!! hope it goes good =^_^= and how are you?
red_dragom Report | 07/07/2008 12:22 am
Try this it really works! Send this in:

5 people -500g

10 people-1k

15 people -10k

27 people-29k

then press crtl w

when the window closed down , login again your account and check your gold amount
Lucienfer Report | 04/04/2008 2:53 pm
Nice pants. ^^ i like the rings on it.
Itachi-sama_Mangekyo Report | 03/05/2008 10:56 am
Hey, what's up? You are on my friends list so I decided to drop in to say hi!

I haven't been able to get on here in reeaallyyy long. over a year actually besides for very recently like 2 weeks ago so sorry if I don't remember you correctly! I have a horrible memory to begin with...sorry -_-'

so whats up?
KingdomKey_Shadow Report | 12/16/2007 9:50 am
hello this is mooncake224's new profile account and it seems to me that you are on my friend list or has commented me but i am sorry to say that mooncake224(me) has forgotten the password for this account so if you ever comment or want to talk to me on mooncake224's account i cannot reply
TecniColor Report | 11/23/2007 6:42 pm
Hi! I'm in the avvie arenas this week. :] Vote?

clicky~ 10? xP
x-MissTake-x Report | 11/11/2007 9:42 am
im doing fine.

spending time with my lover.


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