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oh geez, I never remember to update these things.
Greetings people, I am Adorabel or just Bel for short! c:
I am 26-years-old, female, with a fairly hectic life/schedule!
I like to roleplay too (no promises I will join any random rps/guilds if you pm about them but I'm always open to 1x1 ideas).

I'm just a usually chill kind of individual who enjoys anime on occasion, some k-drama, k-pop, roleplay/writing, and just creating way too many characters for my own good. I also enjoy doing graphics. c:

Random fun facts about me:
• I have several tattoos and body piercings
• My favorite color is purple (but I also love all colors)
• Ice cream cake is amazing
• I like baking sometimes and cooking.
• I have two dogs, two cats, and a snake.
• I have too many posters of beautiful Korean men
• I have an obsession of makeup/cosmetic products (even though I'm not that great nor do I use them that often) xD

I am happily married to a wonderful guy! He's the best thing, and I love him to death. We have been together since August of 2012~:3
Our lovely daughter was born March 2018 <3

Thanks for dropping by my page!


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Tsundere Ginger Report | 10/13/2022 7:04 am
Yeah. the charm points aren't too bad. I forget to play somedays but always remember to do the little lessons thingy to get it up rofl
Tsundere Ginger Report | 10/13/2022 6:50 am

Any of the characters stand out to you? I liked Arthur kinda, I want to play Sebastians route though as hes more my type aha rofl
Tsundere Ginger Report | 10/13/2022 6:35 am
Thank you so much ! I only know basic colour change and size lol also the alignment. and inserting youtube. It'd be cool to throw in some other things.

Also noticed the vampire section, are you also a fan of ikevamp? or was it just a picture you liked the look of?
Tsundere Ginger Report | 10/13/2022 6:21 am
Hi there! I saw your thread in the test forum and I was wondering if I could use some of the coding for my own thread (With credit of course) your coding skills are amazing.
Squicks Report | 01/02/2021 1:41 pm
AlyKitt_RyukaI Report | 12/21/2020 5:23 pm
You're welcome heart Just wanted to spread a little holiday cheer is all
DollyDoll89 Report | 08/15/2020 6:52 am
I love your avi😍😍😍😍
CrystBalfast Report | 04/09/2020 3:32 pm
Squicks Report | 06/29/2019 9:43 pm

                                    Thank you!! emotion_bigheart

Squicks Report | 06/29/2019 9:03 pm

                                    Your avatar is so cuuuute!! ;;


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jaemin is bby~
always down for 1x1s, just hmu