Hey there, I'm tori. :D

I love;God. Family. Friends. Austin Brown. Life. Music. Internet. Converse. Hippies. Peace signs. Red Bulls. Year books. Photo albums. Photography. Playin' with cameras. Laughing. Summer. Avenged Sevenfold. Sunrise. Eyeliner. Dream Angels "Wish" perfume. Curly hair. Bob Marley. Touch lamps. Aviators. Neon colors. Candles. Soft pretzels. Water Mellon. Key board smiley faces. Skinny jeans. Yellow leaves. Mountain Dew. Johnny Depp. That 70's show. Tie-die. Black cherry ice cream. Any flat iron better than mine. Last day of school. Clear nail polish. Wal-mart. Going to Publix with my dad. Scary, hilarious, and lovey-dovey movies. Smiling. Holidays. Playin' cards. Slides. Orange sharpies. Being a girl, haha. Acoustic. Long walks with friends just to pass time. Nascar 2009 on the x-box; XD. BBQ. Love.(:

I hate; Obama! Opera. Wannabes. Mayonnaise. Beans (except green beans). Stuck-ups. Broccoli. Sweet Potatoes. The "buzz" sound of a bee or a fly. On and off relationships. Insects. Acne. The Plain White T's. Posers/fakes. Cold slaw. Deviled eggs. Meat balls. Liars. Pain. Crying. Exaggeration. Spiders. Heights. Needles. Ghosts. The sound it makes when you pop your fingers. Barking. Mice. Dumping people. The belief in aliens. Evolution. When people type like using letters and symbols in their words. Chores. My little brother. Being embarrassed. Thugs/gangsters/pimps,ect. Lightening. Thunder. Whining. Old jokes. Candles that don't have a scent. People that start too much crap. Drama. School work. Grounding. Double standers. (I don't feel like typing no more so I'm gonna stop.)