✖ First of all..thanx for accesing my page`..Apreciate it.. or nottt! biggrin . ≧◡≦

TragedyScene The name is Anna`!
Enchanten xD.!! *16 years old /1,70m /brown eyes/hair colour it depends smile )/pierce depends /favourite colours:red,black,purple,and blue./Got 2 dogs..love them=)so muuch./loveS her freinds /Love to draw/ NOT mature`.- prefer beeing childhood.Most of time`.

♥Simple ,calmed and patient.Just a college student with high hopes. A great majority of the people that step into my life will never understand me, and those who do mean the world to me. I'm different from most, and that seems to be a problem for some. I'm a mystery in the making and a puzzle to solve. I take life as it comes and things of little significance don`t bother me.Dancing ,make out with friends, watching movies,and drawing are my ideas for fun.
♥Muzica reprezinta o parte importanta din viata mea. I can't live without it. Cred totusi ca oameni se pot distra si fara a fuma , fara petreceri crazy ,droguri si alcool <-
♥I`m crazy , friendly , loviiing xD and overall extremly loyal to those I care for <3. I`m a pretty sweet girl but just try to stay on my nice side.To be honest , I don`t give a ******** how awesome you think you are` smile !! :">:X :X:*

♥Likes ^^
`[Photography..music..drawing..dancing..coke..piercings..Summer..Morning <3..Animals..Guitar..Music..You :X !!]`

♥Dislikes -.-
- people who are afraid to say their opinion and don't have their own personality. The most important thing is to be yourself..
-people that assume that they know everything
-animal cruelty neutral
-Fakes xx

Favorite Music --d(^.^)b--
BON JOVI |Green Day | Panic at the Disco | HIM | SKILLTEC| Linkin park | The Rasmus | Paramore | Disciple | Uffie | Parachute | Bullet For My Valentine | Loyal | Mecena & DGN | Vescan | Tiger ft bullet | Adam Lambert | Leya | Turntable Science Feat Jay(Shy Beatz) & Kioru | Ocean Drive | Ombladon | Fragma | Avril Lavigne | Eyes Set To Kill | 30h3 | System of a Down | LMFAO | Daft Punk | Chris Daughtry | Iyaz | 30 Seconds To Mars | The Ting Tings | BodyROX | Matteo | SUM41 | CSS | Shiny Toy Guns | Paper Planes | Aly & AJ | Pop The Glock | ATC | Plain White T's | INNA-10 MINUTES | Justin Bieber | Catalin | Slipknot | Don't Cry Out | DeepCentral | Faber Drive "Give Him Up" | Ville Valo | Blink 182 | The DEVIL wears prada | Millionaires | Vanilla Twillight | Owl City | Hey Mickey XD By X | The Midnight Beast | Children Of Bodom | etc :X

♥I don't ask for much, but I need a lot.♥
=♥I don't love my life, but I appreciate it.♥=

♥In the end smile ..Add kandii.kid16 if u want somthin`and Thanks if you had the grace to waste some minutes of your life to read this , and if not ******** off , don`t care ^^.
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