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Every girl wants to live like a princess </3

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lX- Innocent Killer -Xl Report | 10/20/2009 8:32 pm
lX- Innocent Killer -Xl
lX- Innocent Killer -Xl Report | 10/19/2009 5:24 pm
lX- Innocent Killer -Xl
lol did u get the joke tho??
lX- Innocent Killer -Xl Report | 10/19/2009 2:04 pm
lX- Innocent Killer -Xl
Avian Torain Report | 09/12/2009 9:05 pm
Avian Torain
its only what i feel like doing, its makes me so mad and yet so depressed to that id just raaaawwwrrrrrguh.... anyways hi how you doing lols
Avian Torain Report | 09/11/2009 8:16 pm
Avian Torain
not funny actually, im freaking out on the inside, i wanna kill everybody but mostly myself... im sick of bad things happening to the people around me, and then having to learn about it from other people who are only partially involved in the first place. im sick of havint relationships DIE or go horribly wrong all the time, i just wanna rip open my chest and fling my insides all over the living room.... (of course A: Id die.... B: It would be a HUGE mess...)
Avian Torain Report | 09/11/2009 8:12 pm
Avian Torain
no ur not... >_< here i am dying on the inside and no one bothers to notice *bawls* j/k... well no i think i am dying on the inside but its not related to you guys in anyway... but yeah.... -_- T crying T
Avian Torain Report | 09/11/2009 8:04 pm
Avian Torain
-_- _ / you bad girl for not coming over once you got back from hanging out with mary!! u traitor!!!
CarpetMice Report | 09/11/2009 3:05 pm
Hii yeah so hows it been?
EMU Chuck Report | 09/10/2009 7:09 pm
EMU Chuck
mmk smile
EMU Chuck Report | 09/10/2009 7:02 pm
EMU Chuck
uhhhh yeeaa, its totally fine.

Taylor Anne Fox<3

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Total Value: 23,690 Gold
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Item List:
Classic Keyboard Leggings
Grim Witchling Hat
Grim Witchling Dress

My name is Taylor. I'm 16. I'm taken. For those people who say I have a cell phone and are constantly asking for my number,<b>I don't have a cell phone.</b> I really dislike posers and players. I'm not popular,I don't have fancy things. I don't need them. The only thing i'm actually craving is getting my lip pierced. I'm in love with Jarrod Matthew<3<br /> I'm pretty much the outcast in general,I don't mind. When I make a promise I keep it. Tell me a secret I'll take it to my grave,safe and untold. I'm addicted to a game called Left 4 Dead where I fight zombies with my best friend(: I'm pretty much just a normal person just like you,just a tad different. My life consists of my friends,family and music :3 That's enough,wanna know more? Click the Message button,or Add a comment button(:

Notes From My Friends Are Located Below!(:
Your Notes Could Be Added To!!(:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taylor is the nicest, prettiest, cutest, amazingest, smartest girl I know. She is really nice. I would do anything, ANYTHING to protect her or just to hold her in my arms. Im sure she feels the same way too. Uhhhh, Taylor likes me so all you other guys can go away ;D Taylor is also really cute. Hotttt. She is aggresive when she doesn't get what she wants, so its best if you just do what she says x.x
Tay is the best cousin i could ask for and is a great roommate. A bit immature at times but shes workin on that, plus a kid her age shouldnt have to act all mature all the time. She puts up with peoples crap like i have NEVER seen before *cough-chuck-cough* She also takes care of our rabbit. smile YEAH! YOU GO TAY!
Your Crazy Roommate, Avian!
Ey, taylor maybe hot buts shes illegal!!!So any old guy gettin any ideas of her that involve nasty horrible things id rethink that ;D Shes pretty kickass and is a goodtime (not in that way!!!) But she is pretty killer and fun to chill with and she can be a b***h at times just like ava who is the bitchiest b***h of all bitches( love ya ava) But anyways thats about it.
--Chuck =3

Avian Torain
EMU Chuck
lX- Innocent Killer -Xl
Wunder Kase

Jarrod Matthew<3