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Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 10:16 pm
Suntail Wolf
Well that's gotta be the most interesting prize in a cereal box... Beats decoder rings
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 9:42 pm
Suntail Wolf
Hehe, that's a good prank. I approve. Gummy man-part would have also been funny. But my sense of humor is skewed.
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 9:09 pm
Suntail Wolf
Hol' up, you lost me. Are you leaving them around as a prank for her, or?
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 8:42 pm
Suntail Wolf
Ok so I had to look those up out of curiosity. Why is that a thing? And why are they all over your house sweatdrop is that something she did
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 8:24 pm
Suntail Wolf
Well, you've piqued my morbid curiosity. Although, who am I kidding, I'm always down to look at morbid stuff
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 12:21 pm
Suntail Wolf
I... Dunno how to take that owo where'd that even come from? Am I being called a d***o?
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 11:25 am
Suntail Wolf
Well, we all react to heart break differently. Give her a few days or a week or so. Maybe hide the whiskey, heh
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/08/2024 6:03 am
Suntail Wolf
Oh dear, what'd she do sweatdrop
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/07/2024 11:35 pm
Suntail Wolf
I'm actually sorry if she's bothering you, but at the same time, I read what she did in the thread and it's gold. I laughed. But sorry lol. She's venting about some bad stuff, and was chatting with us
Suntail Wolf Report | 05/07/2024 11:26 pm
Suntail Wolf
Wide awake? She said she was gonna go pass out owo But she was chatting with me and some other friends on here

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