All Meh..

-Thee Names; Ariel/Ashlie. ! smile
-Fourteens Years Younqq. 3.25.96 Aries Baby Fo'Sho
-Go To WMS. Go Warriors. ? Eww. Lmaoo
-[CELLY] 605.208.3069. Text Me..
-Taken. <3
-Im Not Like Other Girls..
-Cali Orginal. <3
-Bi. -b***h, I'm Thee bomb Like Tick Tick.
- I αm me. I αm not willing to chαnge for you, or αnyone else. Tαke me αs I αm, or wαtch me αs I go.
--i love you more thαn αnything in the world... you drive me completely insαne.. αnd i cαnt imαgine α world without you.. honestly i sαy thαt i cαn't see you with αnother.
-MMFWCL<3 Whoop Whoop. !
-Crazy. Open'Minded. Sarcastic. Emotional. Pry Thee Nicest Person Yooh'll Ever Meet. Buhtt Don't Get On Meh Bad Side. biggrin
-Different; Buhtt I Love Standinqq Out.
-Ehh. Im Not Perfect. Pretty. Funny. Sweet. Nice. Sorry I Can't Please You. Sorry. Im Not Your Dream Girl. Sorry. I Can't Be There For You. Sorry. For Fallinq For You.
-******** Thee Fakes.
-During your life, never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams
- I Am Who I Am, Yerr Apporval Isn't Needed
-when you meet will think im utterly weird im not scared to be who i am i was born to be an outkast..not like any qirrl, i dont follow, Niqqa, i lead..
-Nunca pares de sonreir mismo si estas tristes porque no sabes quien podria enamorarse de tu sonrisa.
-Hopp Off Meh Swaqqa. ! <33
-Techno, Screamo.
-Don't Judge Meh.
-******** The Rest. I Roll With Thee Best
- Samantha. <3 Charlie. <3 Memo. <3 Daniel. <3 Issac. <3 Jasmine. <3 Cristina. <3