Name - Sinsu ( Kat Anderson )
Age - 18
power - ( vampire - reads minds )
Hieght - 5"1
Wieght - 104
skills - blades & swords
When i was a little girl i was treated as if i was an outcast my family didn't want me and all i could do was go to my aunt's house one night a group of men came and robbed the house and shot my aunt five times in the heart i was there to whitness the horrible death of my loveble aunt sinsu was just a nickname that my father gave me when i turned 14 i died my hair black and and eyes blue before i felt like everyone from my clan didn't want me but since that day that i was forved to have intercourse with my ex near i looked at myself in the mirror and swore for revenge i know have to urge to have a gang that has been hurt before hi in Kat Anderson one mission to kill all that has done damage and more importantly help other out with theirs by killing. Near i will find yu an when i do yu will be dead in front of my with yur blood on a white rose. Gang Bloody White Rose anyone is freee to join my rampage of a gang

No really hi im angie im 15 umm i love to write roleplays i go to PCTA in providence and im going to be in graphics i hope maybe lol we'll yeah like what you read we'll that's just the beginning of the story want more PM me or add me i will write some more