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My names Angeli and im 19 years old. My moms Asian while my dads an American so that clearly tells u that im half of both. Lol. Does that make any sense?? Well putting that aside i enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping and jst having loads of fun. I find vampires and werewolves really fascinating beings. And if I had the chance meeting one of their kind that would be totally awesome, like a dream come true. Asides from vampires i also love chocolates, music, fashion, anything that is cute, flowers, animals, gadgets, sports, traveling, etc. Basically, these are the few things that i love meaning there's more where that came from. smile My favorite colors are pink, aquamarine, black, gray and brown. Now, for the things that i dnt like, there r a lot but in particular are liars, fakers, and racists. That's about everything i guess. wink <3


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im glad to see that there are still a few genuinely good people in this world and i hope that despite all the negtive things around them they will remain positive and continue to help those who are lost and who feels that they have no meaning in this world. All of us has a purpose for being born in this earth and all we have to do is search for it and thats when we'll find it.