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Your nickname is 7LIED, and you're nearly 14 years old. Your English grammar is sh*tTY because you AREN'T English.

You're also known as NANALYIED, or CATE in some sites.
You have a variety of INTERESTS. You like LIGHT ROMANTIC NOVELS, but you have a particular pleasure for EROGURO ANIMES. That's because your moirail is a fangirl of eroguro, and when you two are talking about it, you DON'T FEEL SECURE for some reason. Also, you like COMEDY and TERROR 16BIT VIDEOGAMES like Yume Nikki, Ib, The Witch's House or Ao Oni because everytime it's supposed to make you scream, you END LAUGHING REALLY HARD and often you fall of your chair.
You like to decorate your room with POSTERS OF MUSIC BANDS like AFI or Evanescence, but also decorate your walls with BLACK ROCK SHOOTER POSTERS and LOLITA POSTERS, making a contrast.

Even if you don't like to study, you secretly do SUMMARIES of EVERY LESSON in 2-3 pages and then you NAIL them on your walls until the day before the exam. If your friends could know this, they probably think you're a weirdo.

You have a pleasure for NSFW ROLEPLAYING, or when you're not in the mood, SENTIMENTAL ROLEPLAYING because you're that weird. Your moirail sometimes teases you because you sometimes scare her.
You are used to like EGYPTOLOGY and CHEMICAL, but you suck at History and Chemical.

You're making a videogame, collaborating with one of your VIRTUAL BROS for making another one (but you just do the graphis like pixels, portraits, backgrounds...). You also run A WEBLOG and spend the 70% of your life PLAYING VIDEOGAMES.

Your pesterhandle is mellifluousCyanide and You can talk without errors, or talk JUST LIKE YOU'RE FEELING IN THAT MOMENT :_DDDD.
The second quirk scares the sh*t out of your moirail because she says you're like in TRICKSTER MODE.

What will you do?


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A Journalog. It's about my life, so if you don't care about me it's better for you to ignore this.




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