Gaiagirl #1

In October of 2009 Her infernal Majesty was released from her thousand year old prison to reclaim the bodies, souls, and Sanity of the people of Gaia. Shortly after the Benevolent Overseer Conscripted a Gaian Mans body to push back The Sentinal. Both Gods recruited many Gaians to fight in the war. Many Gaians fell in battle. Two of these brave Gaians were the Mother and Father or Fiera Stone. Fiera was only thirteen during the war and when her mother and father had perished she happened upon the Orpahnage.

For years Fiera had been fascinated with the Superhero only known as Gaiaman. Each and everyday she would stare out her bedroom window toward the sky. And each day she would see him flying through there air saving the day.

During the war she never saw him. Fiera never knew that, cameraman for the Gaia 9 Action News, Lune Landon was also Gaiaman. And she wondered why Gaiman did help her parents. Soon after the war however, as she lay in her bed at the orphange, from time to time she would catch a glimpse of her hero.

As time went on she began to get over Gaiaman. She got a job at the Barton Boutique hanging clothes and stocking shoes. Its been nearly two years since the war and she had all but forgoten about her hero.

Living at the Orphanage at fourteen wasn't very common and so Fiera hadn't many friends. Only the dog she had found one day digging though the trash. Since her hero had a dog she decided to name hers after him; Powerpup. Every Saturday and Sunday when she wasn't working, Fiera and Powerpup would head to the beach in Gambino and walk for hours.

A few short days before her fifteenth birthday was no different. At least she thought. After walking for about twenty minutes Fiera sat and let the tide wash up onto her feet as she stared of into the pale blue sky. Completely escaping the world around her.

After what seemed like days she finally realized that Powerpup was tugging on her shirt. "What is it boy?"
Peering over her right shoulder she caught a glimpse of a shiny piece of glass. She crawled to her feet and started toward it mumbling to herself; "People really should start using the trash cans."

As she reached down to pick up the shiny piece of glass, she realized that it was a small vial, and sparkling inside it was a silvery pink liquid. Immediately she froze up, remembering the days she had pretended to be with Gaiaman on all of his adventures. She had mad her own costume to match his own and she would run around in her back yard flipping her cape around making whoosh noises, thinking that she could fly.

After what seemed like hours of reminiscence she made her decision. And without hesitation she removed the cork and drank every last drop.


Name : Gaiagirl

Gender : Female

Group Affiliation : Surviver of The S.I.N B.O.O war. Eldest Child of the Orphanage

Occupation : Superhero

Location : The Known Gaiaverse

Keeping Gaia safe from the forces of evil since : April 13th 2011

Super Powers

Her physical attributes are genetically enhanced to the peak of Gaian potential.
Gaiagirl possesses supergaian; strength, speed, stamina, durability, senses, regeneration, and longevity.

Also inheriting strange and unique attributes from the pink liquid: Ice breath, heat vision and flight capability.

Mild Mannered

Real name : Fiera Stone

Identity : Publicly known

Occupation : Stocking at Barton Boutique

Place of Birth : Barton Town

Known Relatives : Geraldine and Xavier Stone (parents, deceased).

Education : Junior Highschool

Height : 5'2"

Weight : 126 lbs

Eyes : Pink

Hair : Blond

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