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My name is squishy.thats just a nickname. i like two bands the most fall out boy and panic at the disco.
my favorite song is "Time to Dance"
i am a VERY random preson. i am in fench 2 so i know some french. my french name is léa. like the lady on star wars XD. i like cupcakes. iv never been to a fall out boy or panic at the disco consert. i wish i could sad
oh and i get a sick twisted pleasure out of pain and crying
Panic At The Disco Quotes
Brendon Urie
- "Hey, I'll be a pretty boy for money"
- "Jesus isn't real" [during a radio interview in cleveland]
- "Off the the wall"
- "What am I supposed to do!? 'Honey, I love you.' What is this!"
- "This is the seduction room...where I'm completely seduced by a stripper."
- "This is my first break. I hope this occurs more often...I like this."
- "WHOA! There's a one eyed cat running around guards the stairwell."
- "Yeah, I man-handled that cop."
- "You smell so slutty right now."
- "Trip hop cabaret dance punk."
- "I don't have any pets, so I get to walk around the house naked. So I'm more free."
- "I made a video of it and put it on YouTube, it's called 'Dan Angel. Snow Freak.'"
- "I love Ryan as well."
- "He's just so attractive, I can't shut my eyes." [joking about sleeping in a bunk near Ryan]
- "I have my mother's hips...I have an apple bottom."
- "Piano lessons are in right now."
- "One year I was Subzero from Mortal Combat." [on past Halloween costumes]
- "WHAT? I'm not going to answer that question. Let's move on to the chocolate."
- "If I was a serial killer? How I would kill somebody? I'm actually a very compulsive person ... I'd chainsaw people."
- "If you're going to be eating, just don't, because all you're wrappers are going to be trash later on so...just don't eat."
- "If they had a Victoria's Secret, I'd be found browsing around it. I'm not going to lie, I'm curious, alright!?" [when asked what store he'd be found in if locked in a mall]
- "We're the manliest of men."
- "My balls dropped finally! I got hairs on them and have become hairy in places I didn't realize was possible."
- "Could I imagine being a piano? That'd be awesome. I'd throw a D-minor at you to make you sad, then an F-major to make you happy!"
- "Oh yeah, I've got one 'There Once Was a Man From Natucket,'..."

Jon Walker
- "I dunno, I put an ad in the yellow pages and they just called me up" [when asked how he was recruited]
- "I look like I'm delivering milk"
- "How are you supposed to make love to a woman"
- "This is tough, a hard day at the office"
- "It wasn't my idea...sorry!"
- "We've been taking yoga classes."
- "I'm allergic to candy. I've never gone trick-or-treating once."
- "If you don't have the record ... buy it because ... it'll blow your face off." [in ref. to Muse's album 'Origin to Symmetry']
- "We'll eat your flesh."
- "We're Randy! at the Disco."
- "...'Cause they don't give a fartknocker."
- "Don't use your parent's credit card." [When asked what advice he had for buying condoms for the first time.]
- "I'm Jon from Panic! at the Disco, and uh, I'd have to say between breasts, legs, or butts, I'm a fan of the whole package. So, as long as they're proportional, it's good, for me."
- "Um, I know that it's uh, a lot of people are skeptical about it, so if it's true then I hope, you know, I wish the planet the best of luck."
- "Yeah we carpool to every show."
- "I would like everyone to walk when possible because not only will it save our planet, but you uh, can stay in shape! Stay fit. Yeah. Stay ready."
- "Right now, I am wearing Sensual Amber. It's a new holiday scent."
- "The first time I met Brendon, we ended up singing the soundtrack to Aladdin because he had it on his iPod."
- "Actually, our whole goal for this CD is to create a close relationship with Dr. Dre. You know, getting some sort of business plan worked out. I mean, the guy's a genius."
- "There's 'Folkin' Around', 'I Don't Got a Shirt, But I've Got a Hat'. And who could forget 'Fill Me Up With Porridge'".

Ryan Ross
- "We wanted Brendon to get shot out of a canon" [when asked what was one impossible thing they wanted to do for a live show]
- "We need to have alot of mustaches in our videos..."
- "I wish the camera could smell my armpits. Dude, mine smell good."
-"We wrote "Fever" in chronological order so the next one will probably be a progression from the second half of the album. Of course, Brendon's been in Africa for the last month and a half with Madonna trying to adopt a child so it could sound like tribal drums mashed up with like a virgin."
- "Success has many fathers, failure many sons."
- "It's disgusting. Why would people idolize someone who doesn’t do anything and saying you're a model/photographer with a digital camera and photoshop does not count as an artist."
- "Me and you...we go out."
- "I'm also the fastest runner. And the highest jumper."
- "Give it up for lessons! Give it up for homework."
- "I carpool with my friends here."
- "You smell like Christmas, Jon."
- "I once saw a picture of Spencer completely naked with just a snorkel on."
- "I got sick of wearing sweatpants every day."
- "This sucks doesn't it? Everything is so cookie-cutter, you can't get away from it."

Spencer Smith
- "Saving lives, one day at a time, just like always"
- "All of these people have jobs...I just don't know what they are"
- "We have women dressed up in lingerie, it's cold outside, and it's raining. It's a dream come true."
- "Hating a band is everyone's, right but it's not cool to throw s**t on stage. It's like throwing a suckerpunch."
- "'The devil and Pete Wentz are raging inside me' or does that give away that we think Pete Wentz is god?"
- "We play Guitar Hero and Ryan does voice warm-ups, each are equally painful to the ear."
- "I guess that shows how much we know of what we're actually talking about."
- "Butt is not a big deal for me. I don't know why, it just isn't."
- "People need to start becoming more aware of what's going on and doing something to fix it."
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they call me squishy

i am not that squishy. evean thoughh i am. rwar moo

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