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Report | 04/23/2013 5:03 am

Starro Star

And another thing. I said I was a writer not a poet. I write stories. Those were my first poem mind you. I'm trying out all forms of writing to better improve myself as a writer.
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Report | 04/23/2013 4:49 am

Starro Star

Eh? I didn't mean that at all. I'm no worshipper of my own words? I just don't like changing the words I have because they're mine. You're pulling too deep of meanings out of words. Words being my belief is because they are my own. Please don't try to misunderstand. PM me if there are any questions about anything I said. Sorry for the confusion.
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Report | 04/23/2013 4:00 am

Starro Star

Thank you for rating my poem. It is nice to know how people feel about certain writing styles. I will take into consideration on what you have said. Whether it changes my view on my work or not, it doesn't matter. When I write my words as a writer, I stay true to them. They are my belief and my life. No matter what others say. Thank you for your input.
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Report | 09/25/2011 11:22 am


Thanks. And no problem just thought that was great advice, a really awesome constructive critique
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Report | 01/14/2011 9:29 am


hey there
I was wondering if you would be interested in looking at a new poem I made.
Your analysis of my other poem was good, and I would love to have your opinion.

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Report | 11/08/2010 11:09 am


I understand
and that's why I wanted to thank you
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Report | 11/08/2010 10:05 am


It seems as if lots of people are mad at you for criticizing their poems.
I on the other hand am very glad about the things you told me *a long time ago*

I thought I should at least help your day a little by saying that I appreciate your comments, and that by all means you should keep up the good work
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Report | 10/19/2010 8:22 pm

This Cat is a Landmine

i have to say-
i really ******** hate gaia comments and whatnot, cause it's tiny and awkward and aoifuaw STUFF

can always add me if you're bored on some chatbox s**t (msn skype w/e). nobody is awake right now but me.
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Report | 10/19/2010 8:14 pm

This Cat is a Landmine

maaan, you get either a lot of hate or too much love.

here's some in-between: yo.
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Report | 10/16/2010 6:50 am

Splediferous Masochism

heart heart heart heart heart
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Report | 10/16/2010 5:34 am

Splediferous Masochism

*loves on all your Doors references lately* You're the first to get that I was named for Jim Morrison without me having to explain. heart heart
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Report | 10/13/2010 6:15 pm


then lets discuss shall we. my poem sucks becasue it has no feeling. it is immature and stirs nothing in a person. im tired of talking bad about my poem. i'll do it though becasue its what you want.

the first part rhymed horribly (if you can call it a rhyme)

the last part was ended by an old lady running off with sexy penguins. what more can i say about that? obviously that was an epic fail write there. the words used to rhyme with were everyday words that a 3rd grader could use. anybody could do what i did. except everybody could do it better. thats what you were looking for correct?
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Report | 10/13/2010 5:48 pm


lets not fight. i hate fighting. it makes me bitchy. haha anyway i felt that writing about david bowie and penguins deserved a poem that was stupid. i agree it was stupid but that not how i write. like i said i wanted it to be because of how i felt about what we had to put in the poem. i can write. i love to write. if you think that i cant write just becasue i was goofing around on ONE poem then you are seriously mistaken.
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Report | 10/13/2010 6:11 am


dude it was a poem about David bowie and penguins. how good do you think it could actually be? im sorry that you didn't like mine. if you want you can have the mother ******** bats. way to be a total sore loser.

and i do actually care about poetry. just i had the opportunity to write something weird and funny so i did. if you dont believe me i will sho you a poem. but i am not going to waste my time if you really believe that i am just a stupid human being who cant write. i write from the hell i have been through. you don't know anything i have been through so do not judge me. writing and music is a major part of my life. its how i vent. so stop worrying about a contest and move on. there are tons of contests you will beat me by far in.
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Report | 09/24/2010 6:58 am


happy day-before-your-birthday!
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Report | 09/10/2010 2:51 am

Grape Flavoured Prozac

sweatdrop heart

I had a surprise cake but I failed to get drunk - I have some sparkling pink champ waiting for me in my fridge though ;]

I'm sure yours is soon too
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Report | 08/14/2010 2:35 am

Grape Flavoured Prozac

I don't know whether to read charles bukowski's sort-of autobiography-written-as-a-novel-in-his-alter-ego

give me advice, what should I do?!
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Report | 08/10/2010 2:04 am

Grape Flavoured Prozac

don't bet your life on it

i'm back from an 18 day adventure (holiday) in greece. pretty awesome. i'm nice and brown actually!

i'm a hypocrite. i read your lovely PM and never got back to you. i should have. apologies.

what's going on here? how the hell are you?!
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Report | 08/09/2010 2:00 pm

Grape Flavoured Prozac

black birds spring from my mouth
when i try to uncover
the long-dismembered materials of
nothing much

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Report | 08/03/2010 4:55 pm


Hi, I'm Saphire_Jewl_Eyes and you had commented on my poem?
I just wanted to say it was based an the anime, not the play.
I'm extreamly sorry but I felt the need to being it to your attention.
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