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ll Secret-ous ll Report | 11/02/2011 8:36 pm
ll Secret-ous ll
Haiii ! :'D
.. Nu te mitt lilla problem :3 ..
Man kan inte kommentera på min profile ;o
xombiekiller Report | 11/02/2011 11:06 am
trying to have a relaxing day but its not happening sad
xombiekiller Report | 11/01/2011 10:25 am
('_')^ <---- its waveing lol, whats up?
xombiekiller Report | 10/31/2011 12:34 pm
Magearna Report | 05/05/2011 6:27 am
Hej :'D
Dally_Donut Report | 12/09/2010 7:19 am
Good :,D
sick atm xP
Dally_Donut Report | 11/29/2010 4:51 pm
How are you? :,D
Dally_Donut Report | 11/29/2010 4:40 pm
Thanks for the present ^^
Dally_Donut Report | 08/16/2010 7:08 am
Dally_Donut Report | 08/15/2010 11:24 am
Me and chu?

things i save for.


duude... your looking at me you know.

1magi11's avatar

Birthday: 10/15

Something about me.

hello there.

I'm 16 year old girl.
I live in Sweden.

I love music and to draw.
I do sports and material art. (taekwondo)

I recently started to understand more of who I really am and i'm still trying to really understand myself.

I'm lesbian. yep. I just said it. I'M A LESBIAN. you people think it's easy begin a lesbian here in sweden but HELL NO! ******** ..
people just walk around and makes fun of those who are gay. And i haven't really "come out" to my friends or so and ...well... they are not my "friends" sometimes :I

I'm single...

I write stuff sometimes :I... (cannot say that they are happy stuff all the time...)

anyway right now life's hard. like not a little :I .... but I will live trough this..

well... that's some s**t 'bout me.

want to know more? pm...

what I wear.

The Lazy Slacker

IRL friends.