About Me!

Yo, sup? So, I'm Ravyn, some call me Rae, others Rave, but I answer to all. I like art(all kinds) Music most of all heart I enjoy bike riding to parks or the beach for picnicks, though I don't get to very often. I love to draw and sing and swim most of all in this world. My fave emoticon is :3 cat_whee and I like to smile a lot cat_3nodding My favorite colours are red, black and white(any combination) I also love to read Homestuck, an online comic by Andrew Hussie, if you didn't know. Found at www.mspaintadventures.com It has to do with kids trying to save the world and trolls and other universes and.. Its awesome emotion_awesome you should just read it if you aren't already wink teehee. So, yup. I think that's enough about me :3 Ta ta for now. emotion_yatta Here have some yummies wink gaia_spoons yum_wasabipie yum_puddi yum_onigiri yum_cupcake yum_coldone yum_salmon