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I wanted a place to thank people and anonymous benefactors for the kind donations and gifts people have given me for whatever reason.

I love the messages they come with and the kind thoughts behind them and I appreciate the generosity even though all I can give back is art or a measly thanks in my sig.

Thanks for making me smile inside.

Thank you!!!!

Thank You Noire Anon - no message! wtf! you're so creepy!!! xd but thanks so much!! I appreciate it!! heart

TY Kool-aid anon - i don't get it!

Holiday Thanks 2011!!: Thank you anonymous people! It was fun. In particular thank you GCD Elf 802, no witty words or poems are needed ;D. Thank you -GCD Gifting Puppy-!! Dogs > cats any day!!!! Thank you Candy Cane Fairy!!! I REALLY WANT TO EAT YOU. Thank you anonymous benefactor of that wonderful X-mas poem! I actually read it! Thank you winter fairy although your poem creeps me out, it's all good! Thank you golden rodent fairy I was rodenty but not golden but I was still rodenty! Thank you anon for the pie!
And to my dearrrrr friends! :
Thank you lolz zombie <3 Is this a hint? dramallama For me to save a romantic dinner just the two of us? whee
Thank you FairyofGrace my sweet sundae with a cherry on top you better watch out or you might just get eaten.
Thank you MrsRachaelSnape.... crying omg rach you know me so well. Lance and Devin aren't my OTP but they do make a handsome couple crying ommmggg thank you so much!
Thank you Ridley!! *rips off your ears* *uses them in rabbit stew with your OPRAH!brand fiddgy-something pudding* ELLEN FTW!!
Thank you AliceLoathesWonderland I'll use these lights when I get a lot biggrin
Thank you RuleofUnspecifiedEvil I guess this is one way to force me to play one of these XD I had fun with it! ilu bby dramallama
I hope you all enjoyed your X-Mas and gifts!!

Thank you Pie Fairy!

"OMG! I love your pancake tree!!
It is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Happy Holidays Existential Existence " - ILU TOO <3

Thanks anon! I lurrvvee cupcakes...if i can eat them... emo

Thanks Free Epiphany! *sprays perfume* *coughs* *wheezes* *dies*

Thank you LLAP anonymous person aka slash fairy crying . OMG, they are together, they will be together, FOREVER!! &3 heart You should tell me who you are emotion_kirakira

Thank you Rach rach for the cute cat poem.

Thank you monsters are going to dance person. I still don't get what you were doing....

Thank you alien code thing person. I still have no idea what that image was that you sent. No idea...

Thanks Ridey for the b-day gift! Thank you for reminding me that I'm only getting older crying

This flower reminds me of you because you make awesome pretty avatars that also have flowers in them, have I ever told you I love your avatars?
Anon the Lurker
@ lurker: crying ilu too

TY anon for the booties. I ATE THEM.

TY e-corp grunt for the spiel about E-corp. But no thanks talk2hand

Thank you snufflypoo &3 I really appreciate it! I hope I can use it to make something nice with an animation.

Thank you Ruler of Unspecified Evil heart I will generate more gold via zOMG in your honor. xp Every time 5k of e-currency rains down upon fearless Gaians from a juicy chest or event, your name will be chanted in spirit!!

Holiday Thanks: Thank you Official GCD elf, anonymous benefactor whom I scare, anonymous benefactor who wished me a "merreh Xmas" xd , anonymous benefactor with no message, anonymous benefactor who talked about handmade gifts (pfft xd ), Magnificent Moonbeam (cuteee hope you had a great Xmas), [NPC] ElfTech722 for the santa bag!!!, Heavenly Knightess ( heart happy Xmas!), Darn you Sardaukar (hope you have a happy holidays too!), [NPC] Nippers (f u buddy, f u!! biggrin ), Wolfmier (hope you have a great Xmas too!), and Ms. Bones (steaming mugs of coca - if only it were real!!)!

Also thank you Mel for the pie. MMmm it was good. Your faxed food tastes delicious dramallama

Holiday Thanks: Thank you GCD Elf 520 (420!! 420!!!), GCD Elf 911 wahmbulance , and GCD Elf 184 (idle threats! idle! xd ). Also thank you anonymous benefactor! TY Meushi (hope you have a great holiday too and enjoy your mask fetish XD), thanks Ridley (I hope the antlers grant me magical flying powers), Pixie Curl (cute name!), and thanks AB (aka strange elftech who confuses me xd ). Can't wait to open some of the gifts! But in general thank you for the sentiments! They are really nice and heartwarming. heart

Holiday Thanks: Mythrill Fairy!! 10,000 sea cycles - mass murderer!!! &3, Darn you Sardaukar (i put him last in my tank, thus he is the runt of the pack. watch him struggle!), Demonique AB (damn that was one long a** message! ty), Bad Gift Fairy (thank you for the lovely crap! crap is awesome. thank you so much for the gift!), Chanukah cat (wink wink....*eats you*), pinwheel AB (so cute, i love this item. it's my favorite zOMG item from village greens! happy holidays to you too), GCD Elf 138 (thank you for the gift and fun conversation! wish i knew who you were)

Holiday Thanks: AB of the rhyme The rhyme was cute!, AB who won't let me open the gift 'til X-mas xd , Chanukah cat! DOGS & CATS!!!

Thank you AB of the shovel~ Yes, it looks good. It's the best garden tool in the shed!

Holiday &3 Thanks: FairyofGrace, Chandler The Mermaid, deadrun, Zombini, MrsrachaelSnape - I haven't opened some of the gifts yet though. But just wanted to write an early thanks! And thanks for those who gifted me back even though you didn't have to...you guys are awesome. Thank you for making Gaia a fun place to be. Yes even you Zombini you MF'er. xd

Thank you AB who wrote: "Joy to the gaian!" I forgot what it was you gave but I appreciate it!

Thank you [NPC] Diedrich for that Turkey. You gave me a PM and I won't ever erase it. *deletes* Oops.

NO THANKS to you Zombini for the martini that insults my mother. xd j/k. Well I'm not gonna say thanks...I'm not gonna. But I appreciate it. I hope you like them G-LOL abuse messages... twisted

Thank you AB of this poem: "Sheeps by trees
'midst birds and bees
Such a lovely scene
So very serene
So here's a gift from me to you
To let some light on this picture through!" - it's really cute~

Thank you AB of the bouquet who liked the sheep avatar! &3

Thank you AB who threatened me with a pool cue! In case you haven't seen it: "Dear Friend, Friendship means to me that for two cents I'd sell you to the nearest pimp in the hopes that when you come back maybe your value has appreciated by 5% so I can sell you back again for more!!"

Thank you FairyofGrace my cherry pie~ DOGS & CATS!!!

Thank you Scar Fairy! If I had a scar it would be over my little cold emo heart. J/K! It would probably be on my chest where someone would stab me with passionate revenge for eating all their food!

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of the wand for Wizarding Weekend! I still don't get if we're supposed to dress up as Hogwarts wizards but who cares!

Thank you SDPlus Doll Fairy!!! I love it! User Image

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of the popcorn ball and cupcake! *HITS YOU WITH STICK*

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of the orc potion! Go ORCtober!!

Thank you zOMG Fairy for the scar! Why did you mar my beautiful face????

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of Pearls for trying to trick me! Too bad for you I didn't fall for it. The Pearls were still awesome though. I was expecting something like paper. xp

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of that fruit skintimate item!

Thank you Zombini for the something I don't remember! Even though you used me for that achievement!!! *smacks you on the a***

Thank you FairyOfGrace (my secret lover)! My cookie pie! My fluffy lollipop!

Thank you sno_bird for the gold fish!!

Thank you Guilty of Inocence for the gold fish! The message was so sweet. &3

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of the cheeseburger bubble!! It's like a flying cheesburger for my flying saucer!!!!! *eats*

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of the flower bouquet!!! Flowers are my fave!! And the answer to your riddle is N, T!!!

Thank you Winged-Eclipse! I'm glad you enjoyed the media.

Thank you Sir Black Tea. Even though I'm a Ravenclaw fan the Slyterins are sort of cool...sort of. wink The poem is so awesome I loved it.

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of Dewdrops! I still have no idea what the message means but now Dewdrop1 has a new friend!!!

Thank you [Meep!]. I'm still building more avatars before I use it but I'll be sure to show you them when I do!! I still owe you art too. XD

Thank you DJ Twissta!!! You motivated me to make a guild for myself wink

Thank you Ridley Starsmore!!! When he dies I'm going to send his remnants back to you xd And thanks for the B-day wishes &3

Thank you FairyOfGrace! omg I love you so (platonically) much!! xp I hope FairyOfGrace Jr and his siblings live long guppy lives before they keel over. And thanks for the B-day wishes too. &3

Thank you bigbirdman225!! It's still in my invo. biggrin

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of Halftone Hero!! It's been months but I finally made an arena entry with it and I hope you like it, it's dedicated to you for making it possible! I'm glad you like these weird avatars wink

Thank you Anonymous Benefactor of a towel!! I wore it on May 25th for like a few hours I swear! XD

Thank you Space Captainface! That was the first wishlist gift I've ever gotten and it was a really happy experience for me. &3

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Chandler The Mermaid
Community Member

Thu Dec 02, 2010 @ 01:29am

Oh Existential, you're so sweet! whee

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